New clinic that focuses on diagnosis and treatment for vertigo launched in Mumbai

Those suffering from vertigo, now have a reason to cheer.

In a first, a city hospital has launched a clinic dedicated to vertigo. Dr Rajeev Boudhankar, vice-president, Kohinoor Hospital, said, "We observed that vertigo is a highly under-diagnosed ailment and patients run from post to pillar looking for effective treatment. To provide a one-stop-solution to these patients, we have launched a dedicated clinic that focuses on diagnosis and treatment for vertigo. The clinic is a major step towards Kohinoor's endeavour to offer advanced healthcare solutions." 

The vertigo clinic in Kohinoor Hospital, with its multidisciplinary team of ENT surgeons, neurologist, audiologist and vestibular rehabilitation therapist aims at effective evaluation and treatment for patients. The team includes renowned ENT specialist & surgeon Dr. Sanjay Helale with over 18 years of experience and Dr. Sonali Pandit, a consultant ENT, head and neck and laser surgeon with advanced training and eight years work experience in Australia. The clinic also provides rehabilitation services for vertigo patients. 

Dr Sanjay Helale said, "Seen in as much as 5-10% of adult population, the vertigo is a common disease with varied causes. It is extremely essential that sufficient time is spent on each patient to ensure correct diagnosis and effective treatment. Unlike popular notion, vertigo is not only caused merely by inner ear ailments, but disease of brain and connected organs, eyes too can cause vertigo." 

For precise diagnosis, the clinic will introduce various highly sophisticated tests like Video Frenzel, Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP), Craniocorpography, and Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV), Electrocochleography for the first time in Maharashtra along with routine tests like Electronystagmography (ENG), CT scan and MRI. The SVV test is a very crucial test as it helps determine which part of the body is causing the imbalance leading to vertigo. 

Apart from being an ailment, vertigo is also a symptom of fatal diseases like tumor, early stroke paralysis other disorders. Hence, there is dire need of timely and precise diagnosis. With the launch of this clinic, Kohinoor Hospital aims at offering a 360 degree care for vertigo patients. 


Kohinoor Hospital - Vertigo Clinic - Mumbai


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