USPTO grants two additional patents to SeroVital-hgh formula

SeroVital®-hgh, the "Fountain of Youth" Formula everyone's talking about, has been making headlines ever since a group of some of the most renowned researchers in the world revealed that this oral compound is actually capable of increasing mean, endogenous, serum (blood) human growth hormone (hGH) levels by 682%. Experts everywhere — from dermatologists and obesity researchers to women's healthcare providers and even the famed Dr. Oz himself — began paying attention to this groundbreaking formula. And now SeroVital, which received its first United States Patent in October of 2013, is being validated once again by being granted two additional patents.

U.S. Patent Numbers 8,551,542, 8,715,752 and 8,722,114 have all been awarded to the SeroVital-hgh formula. The description for Patent Number 8,722,114, states, "Embodiments of the invention generally relate to supplements and methods for increasing human growth hormone (hGH) levels in healthy human beings." The patent information then shows just how vital hGH is to the human body:

The primary biological function of hGH includes stimulating growth, cell repair and regeneration. Once the primary growth period of adolescence concludes, the primary function of hGH in adulthood becomes that of cell regeneration and repair, helping regenerate skin, bones, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys to their optimal, youthful cell levels. As is the case with many of our other hormones or their pre-cursors, such as testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, DHEA and melatonin, hGH levels decline with age. Therapeutically, many of these hormones can be replaced to offset some of the effects of aging such as menopausal symptoms in women or erectile dysfunction in men. The human body, like every other living entity, works on daily, or circadian, as well as monthly and annual rhythms. Daily growth hormone secretion diminishes with age with roughly half the levels at age forty that we had when we were twenty, and about one-third of those youthful levels at age sixty. In some sixty-year olds, the levels are as low as 25% of the hGH levels in a twenty-year old. Symptoms of aging include loss of muscle, increase of fat, decreased physical mobility, decreased energy levels and as a result, diminished socialization, diminished healing ability and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and decreased life expectancy. Low hGH levels are associated with the aging process and early onset of disease. For example, Rosen and Bengtsson noted an increased death rate from cardiovascular disease in hGH deficient patients (Rosen, T., Bengtsson, B. A., Lancet 336 (1990): 285-2880).

The patent text goes on to describe the major problem that has existed regarding increasing hGH levels: "Until recently human growth hormone (hereinafter alternatively referred to as hGH) was available only in expensive injectable forms, and benefits from the restoration of hGH levels available only to those with the ability to pay."

The patent then underscores just what it is that makes the SeroVital compound so novel:

It would be desirable to provide a nutritional supplement for elevating hGH release, in particular an amino acid-containing composition that is well tolerated having the result of increasing or elevating hGH release in those individuals whose hGH release rates have slowed as a function of increasing age or that have normal hGH levels but desire higher hGH levels. Although some existing nutritional supplements claim to impact the production of natural human growth hormone, there is a need for an improved nutritional supplement that efficiently enhances the production and effect of natural human growth hormone in the general population…

The present invention is a nutritional supplement and method of using the same. It is a novel amino acid-containing secretagogue composition, which, taken orally, stimulates the pituitary gland to increase serum levels of hGH.

In other words, the SeroVital compound has been granted three United States Patents because of its remarkable ability to increase serum (blood) growth hormone levels naturally. How does it work? SeroVital's highly specialized formula increases hGH levels by stimulating the pituitary, the gland that manufactures hGH. It's no wonder SeroVital is causing such a stir.




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