AUO Optronics to showcase innovative display solutions at SID Display Week

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) announced today that it will participate in Display Week 2014 in San Diego from June 3 to 5. Organized by SID (The Society for Information Display), Display Week is the largest professional display exhibition in the United States. With the focus of ultra high resolution technologies for mobile solutions and innovative display applications, AUO will debut a whole series of car displays from 7 to 12.3 inches for all kinds of in-vehicle infotainment systems, and high value-added applications including 21.3-inch AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) display for high-end medical diagnostic use and fingerprint sensing technology with a panel that is large and thin.

Exhibition highlights also include 8-inch ultra high resolution WQXGA (1600x2560) panel for tablets applying amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT process technology, 5.5-inch ultra high resolution WQHD (1440x2560) LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-silicon) panel for smartphones, 15.6-inch Full HD touch solutions adopting oTP (On-cell Touch Panel), the world's first 1.6-inch ultra thin in-cell touch AMOLED panel for wearable devices, and 5-inch flexible AMOLED panel.

Full Series of Car Displays Designed for Various Intelligent Vehicle Systems

AUO will present its complete portfolio of car displays, including 7-inch capacitive touch display, 8-inch high brightness car display, 9-inch portrait car display for center consoles, and 12.3-inch high resolution cluster display. The panels feature high resolutions, wide viewing angle, high color saturation, high tolerance to temperature, low reflection, and standardized designs for all kinds of intelligent vehicle display systems. For lovers of outdoor activities, 6.1-inch oTP for professional navigation devices is developed to meet their needs. As demand grows for the connection of portable devices with vehicle systems, AUO will proactively integrate touch panels to develop all sorts of innovative car display applications for audio-visual entertainment, communications and safety purposes.

High Resolution AHVA Medical Displays for Significantly Increased Diagnostic Precision

AUO will showcase 21.3-inch 3 mega-pixels (2048×RGB×1536) high resolution AHVA panel for medical use. The panel has high brightness, low color shift, wide viewing angle, and true 10-bit color depth for even finer images, which can increase diagnostic precision for medical personnel and meet the rigid specifications for high-end medical markets. With applications to security check, AUO will exhibit its fingerprint sensing technology with a resolution higher than 500ppi, in accordance with ISO international standards. AUO employs its specialized glass panel processing technology to trim the panel to 1.8 mm thick, overcoming common difficulties of semiconductor and optical sensing technologies to produce sensors that are large and thin in design.

Full Array of Ultra High Resolution Displays for Smartphones, Tablets and Notebook PCs

With respect to mobile devices, AUO will debut 8-inch WQXGA (1600x2560) panel for tablets. The panel adopts amorphous silicon TFT process and AHVA technology to achieve a resolution as high as 377ppi, making its production more cost competitive. AUO's 5.5-inch WQHD LTPS panel for smartphone enhances its pixel density to reach 538ppi, demonstrating even more exquisite image details and depth. Its narrow border design results in a mere 0.7 mm width from display area to panel border, substantially increasing the viewing area.

World's First(*) Ultra Thin In-cell Touch AMOLED Panel Meeting Future Technological Trends for Wearable Devices

For AMOLED displays, AUO will present the world's first(*) 1.6-inch in-cell touch AMOLED panel for wearable devices. The panel is only 0.5 mm thick and power-saving, making it the best choice for wearable devices. AUO will also exhibit 5-inch flexible AMOLED panel adopting plastic substrate and thin film encapsulation technology, allowing the minimum bending radius of less than 1cm. The panel is only 0.2 mm thick, creating more possibilities for future wearable device applications.

During SID Display Week, AUO will publish 19 conference papers on technologies, among which the inkjet printing technology for 65-inch full HD AMOLED TV display will be published. Inkjet printing is the trend for the future development of AMOLED TV technology, as its advantages include lower production costs, higher yield rates and production efficiency. In addition, Dr. Michael Sun, Vice President of AUO's Mobile Solutions Business Group, delivered a speech titled "Display & Beyond Display" at SID Business Conference on June 2, in which he shared various opportunities and future possibilities for display technologies development.


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