GPM Pediatrics physician addresses potential health risks in kiddie pools

Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics, a Brooklyn Pediatric Center, discusses an article posted on JC Online that discusses the potential health risks that lurk in kiddie pools.

The article takes a look at kiddie pools, and how they are a stable environment for bacteria and parasites. "Warm, shallow water and kids in swim diapers (which don't do a good job of containing feces) can create a perfect breeding ground for water-borne infections even though the water is chlorinated," states the JC online article.

An important tip that the article highlights is to keep your kid and others safe by keeping your child out of pools or water parks for several days if your child has (or you suspect they have) any type of gastrointestinal illness.

Dr. Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics says that all parents should keep an eye out when their kids are playing in kiddie pools. "If you see a child who appears to be sick or may be going to the bathroom in the pool, you should immediately take your kid out of the water."

Gabriel urges parents to explain to their kids that they should avoid swallowing the pool water and should never go to the bathroom while swimming. "If all parents followed this tip, it could reduce the amount of bacteria present in kiddie pools." Gabriel reminds us that, "This advice is important for public kiddie pools or even the blow up one in your backyard."



GPM Pediatrics


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