WuXi AppTec, Fudan University partner for genomics database system

WuXi AppTec today announced a partnership with Fudan University to bring WuXi NextCODE's world-leading population human genomics database system and integrated research and clinical solutions to the Fudan-led Collaborative Innovation Center of Genetics and Development (CICGD) as an enterprise partner. The partnership will empower CICGD scientists to perform gene sequencing and bioinformatics analysis with unparalleled speed and precision, thereby accelerating research, clinical diagnosis, and treatment of rare inherited diseases and malignant tumors.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of WuXi AppTec, WuXi NextCODE offers its global clients fully integrated turnkey solutions for genomic medicine, from CLIA sequencing to bioinformatics, clinical interpretation, and diagnostic test development and delivery. WuXi NextCODE's technology is being used to analyze and manage whole-genome data on 350,000 people, more than any other system in use today.

Fudan led the establishment of CICGD in 2012 under the auspices of the Higher Education Institution Innovation Improvement Plan implemented by China's Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance. The CICGD brings together several other world-renowned Chinese research institutions, including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhongshan University, Central South University, the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, and the Beijing Institute of Genomics. Collectively, these institutions are dedicated to researching scientific questions in genetics and developmental biology as well as evaluating their impact on human health.

"We are delighted to partner with Fudan University, a top university and a pillar of genetic research in China, to promote genomics research and its applications," said Dr. Ge Li, Chairman and CEO of WuXi AppTec. "The partnership integrates WuXi's world-leading genomics platform with China's leading research and innovation capabilities to bring the latest technological and medical advances closer to patients in China and around the world."

"WuXi NextCODE's genome analysis technology is the best in the world, and it underpins the most advanced and largest-scale genomics research currently being conducted," said Dr. Li Jin, Director of CICGD and Vice President of Fudan University. "Fudan's partnership with WuXi will turn Shanghai into a premier global innovation center for human genomics. We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with WuXi's unrivalled genomic data management and clinical data analysis system, which will undoubtedly enhance CICGD's research and application capabilities in genetics and genomics."


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