Deep, uniform exome coverage in one day

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), introduces its new xGen® Exome Research Panel v1.0 for insightful analysis of the human exome via next generation sequencing. A total of 429,826 probes span 39 Mb of the human genome, providing deep and uniform coverage of 19,396 genes.

xGen Exome Panel Coverage Depth

This leads scientists directly to relevant mutations, aiding advances in clinical and companion diagnostics research. By using the xGen Exome Research Panel with xGen® Lockdown® Reagents and the optimized protocol, scientists can now obtain reliable and reproducible exome data in a single day, saving further time by minimizing the need for added downstream analysis.

Each probe within the xGen Exome Research Panel is individually synthesized, and undergoes a rigorous manufacturing and quality assessment process in accordance with GMP standards.

Missing or truncated probes are identified by mass spectrometry and OD measurements and are eliminated before pooling, providing a unique advantage over array-derived probe pools. This approach selects for full-length probes, enabling highly uniform coverage.

Batch-to-batch variation is also minimized, ensuring consistent results between panels. Combining uniformity with consistency, IDT’s xGen Exome Research Panel provides scientists with the data they need to thoroughly and accurately interrogate their genomic sample of interest.  

As the industry leader in synthetic DNA manufacturing, IDT has a long track record of delivering high quality products. The xGen Lockdown product line has been designed and formulated to our exacting specifications to deliver deep, even coverage every time. The xGen Exome Research Panel is the latest addition to IDT’s expanding genomics portfolio.    

Our superior Ultramer® oligo synthesis technology and GMP compliant manufacturing process, with individual QC of every capture probe, have allowed us to deliver this gold-standard human exome product.

The Exome Research Panel delivers unprecedented performance in coverage uniformity and test-to-test consistency, providing our customers confidence that they will be able to detect important mutations in the human exome.”

Dr Caifu Chen Sr. VP of Research & Development

This versatile technology is compatible with common sequencing platforms, including Illumina® and Ion Torrent® sequencers.



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