Opera ProSafe, a bed that breaks convention

Let us introduce you to the Opera® ProSafe, a flagship bed from Alpine HC’s Opera® range of profiling beds.


A key issue that has often been identified with profiling beds is that standard height adjustable beds don’t go low enough, and low beds don’t go high enough. The Opera ProSafe all-in-one bed helps to reduce and eliminate back injuries and sick leave, due to its nursing height of 70cm, whilst providing a market leading all-in-one low bed, at just 18cm. Further to this, Opera ProSafe has been designed in such a way to give unrestricted hoist access.

In the development of the Opera ProSafe, Alpine HC has brought a level of design and durability previously unseen at its price point. The premium bed construction is exemplified in the solid-wood head and footboards, crafted with soft rounded corners and elegant stainless steel bars.

This gives the Opera ProSafe superior durability, which is confidently backed with a 3-year parts and labor warranty. The Opera® ProSafe is available in three wood colors from Alpine HC stock holdings: Beech, Oak and Walnut. Orders of 10 or more beds can be specified in any wood color you like, thanks to Alpine HC’s manufacturing capabilities, giving excellent flexibility for interior design and new projects.

Opera® ProSafe Profiling Bed

Fatalities resulting from entrapment are traumatic experiences, both for the business and the individuals involved. The Opera ProSafe bed helps to eliminate the risk of entrapment and ensures the user is completely safe. The lock down side rail feature means the side rails can be locked down out of the way.

Alternatively the rails can be removed completely where they present a risk. The ProSafe’s unparalleled versatility is, again, highlighted by the bed’s capability to accommodate alternating air flow mattresses as deep as 10”, whilst remaining fully compliant with the BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 medical beds standard.

The Opera® ProSafe in Summary:

  • All-in-One bed - Eliminates the need for separate low profiling and standard profiling beds
  • Lock down side rail feature
  • Accommodates a 10” mattress
  • Superior design and durability
  • Available in a vast range of wood colors
  • Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg


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