QuietKit unveils new platform to educate users on basics of meditation, mindfulness

QuietKit today announced the launch of its new platform, a website that educates users on the basics of meditation and mindfulness. The website features step-by-step guided meditations to help users develop a habitual practice.

QuietKit is designed to be a beginner’s guide to mediation. The website is free to use and made to be straightforward and simple, so users may begin practicing immediately to become less stressed and more focused through mindfulness.

The platform features five guided meditations, ranging in duration from two to 10 minutes. By utilizing the guides, a schedule advises users on how to build on meditation practices each week.  And because the meditations are so short, they may be done on the go, at work or at school. Additionally, the platform features tips on how to get started practicing meditation and mindfulness, how to approach meditation, and how to build a meditation habit. In the future QuietKit plans to expand to offer paid, longer meditation sessions.

Meditation is of prehistoric origin, however just recently there’s been a number of studies that shed light on its benefits. According to a report in Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, those who practiced meditation saw changes in their brain’s gray matter in areas associated with memory, emotion regulation, empathy, and sense of self.

Another study published in Biology Psychiatry showed those who participated in mindfulness meditation had more brain activity in areas that process stress-related reactions, as well as areas associated with focus and calm. Additionally, the group had lower levels of a marker of unhealthy inflammation in their blood.

“For me, figuring out how to get started with meditation was difficult. A lot of information on the topic was really dense, or you had to pay for a website or app before really understanding the real benefits,” said John Turner, founder of QuietKit. Something as powerful as meditation should be available for free for everyone. That’s why I built QuietKit, a straightforward platform for anyone to use.”


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