Panasonic’s new TwinGuard -86˚C chest freezers provide ultimate protection for valuable biological samples

Panasonic’s new TwinGuard -86˚C chest freezers deliver the unsurpassed level of safety and sample security that is critical for valuable biological samples alongside exceptional ease of use and data monitoring.

The two ultra-low temperature chest freezers; the MDF-DC700VX and MDF-DC500VX, are added to the already existing upright models in the TwinGuard range from Panasonic.

Storing sensitive, high-value samples

Ultimate protection is critical for extremely valuable samples such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, research institutes or blood and tissue banks.

The Panasonic TwinGuard series has been specifically designed and developed to greatly reduce the risk of losing a unique, irreplaceable or potentially life-saving collection of samples due to freezer failure, thereby satisfying the industry demand for safe, long-term storage of biological material. Two, independent refrigeration systems, combined with optional liquid CO2 back-up systems, offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace.

Developed for use with conventional inventory racks and boxes, the TwinGuard ULT freezers are ideal for storage of sensitive, high-value and irreplaceable samples such as those from longitudinal studies, important medical research or pharmaceutical products.

Ultimate Sample Protection

The Dual Cooling System, featured in all the ULT freezers in the TwinGuard range, offers the highest level of protection through the use of two independent refrigeration systems. These two independent refrigeration systems, with CoolSafe compressors, provide a reliable and exceptionally stable -86˚C ultra-low temperature environment. In the case of an unexpected failure of one cooling circuit, the other circuit will maintain the freezer in the -70˚C range, protecting samples until service can be arranged, which is ideal for high security applications including clinical trials and pathogen storage.

Improved Temperature Performance

Panasonic TwinGuard ULT chest freezers maintain better temperature stability and uniformity during routine door openings than equivalent upright models as less cold air leaves the freezer while the door is open. Optimum temperature uniformity is ensured through the two strategically designed evaporator circuits surrounding the interior chamber of the freezers.

Enhanced Use & Intelligent Security

The new chest models have been updated with colour LCD touch panels. This allows full user control, even with gloved hands, while a USB port makes transferring logged data to a PC convenient. The filterless design of the freezers reduces routine maintenance.

When set to ECO mode, the microprocessor controller will establish an overlapping cycle of the two refrigeration systems based on the load status of the freezer, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Efficient Sample Storage

The use of highly efficient VIP Plus insulation combined with a newly designed refrigeration system layout ensures the most efficient use of space for up to 30% more 2” box storage capacity.

Medical Device Certification

The MDF-DC500&700VX freezers are certified as a Class IIa Medical Device (93/42/EEC and 2007/47/ EC) for medical purposes of storing cells, tissues, organs and embryos.

A model to suit your application

The TwinGuard series are ideal for storing temperature sensitive samples such as therapeutics and biospecimens, samples needing to retain viability such as stem cells, engineered tissue, vaccines, or cancer cells, important medical research samples and valuable pharmaceutical products.

The full TwinGuard ULT freezer range consists of two upright freezers - The 728 litre MDF-U700VX-PE and the 519 litre MDF-U500VX-PE - which have now been complimented with the two new chest models: the 715 litre MDF-DC700VX-PE and the 575 litre MDF-DC500VX-PE. You can now select the most suitable model for your application.


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