Lowest detection limit for 1uL UV-Vis quantification established by DeNovix

DeNovix Inc., a developer and manufacturer of life science instrumentation and assays announce a new landmark in microvolume spectrophotometry. Version 3.00 of their EasyApps® software enables sub-nanogram concentrations of dsDNA to be reliably and reproducibly quantified in one microliter samples for the first time.


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New SmartQC™ sample guidance software also alerts users to potential sample contamination in real-time. The software is immediately available on all new DeNovix spectrophotometers and free to download for existing customers.

The latest innovation in this field uses a set of proprietary algorithms developed by DeNovix applications scientists and engineers to enhance the sensitivity of dsDNA microvolume measurements to 0.75 ng/µL, a 62.5% improvement over traditional gold standard performance.

Scientific analysis techniques are continually demanding lower concentration and smaller volume samples. Providing the tools to deliver quality control for these challenges is a key driver for our innovation in this field”

Fred Kielhorn, CEO of DeNovix.

“Our latest major software release introduces a number of features designed to improve sample QC through greater sensitivity and contamination identification. By combining the most sensitive microvolume spectrophotometer on the market and the most sensitive fluorometric assays, researchers using the DS-11 FX+ can ensure their sample evaluation protocols provide the highest confidence for their downstream applications,” stated Kielhorn.

The DeNovix DS-11 FX+ combines patent pending absorbance and fluorescence technologies to deliver the most flexible and complete system available for nucleic acid and protein quantification. DeNovix SmartPath® Technology enables rapid and accurate 1µL UV-Vis quantification over an industry-leading dynamic range.

The addition of fluorescence also enables researchers to measure picogram concentrations of sample with increased specificity in one compact instrument. DeNovix dsDNA Fluorescence assays are available in three assay formats covering a dynamic range of 0.5 pg/µL to 4000 ng/µL.

The DS-11 Series features full Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity allowing users to easily export data via email, a USB drive, to network drives or network printers, or print cryotube labels with an optional printer.

Measurements are made using DeNovix’s highly rated, custom Android™ operating system and a stunning, high-resolution, glove-compatible touch screen. Intuitive EasyApps® software featuring pre-configured and custom applications make the DS-11 Series easy to use but powerful and flexible.

Source: DeNovix


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