Eppendorf launches new BioBLU 3f Single-Use Vessel for microbial fermentation

Eppendorf expands its portfolio of rigid-wall single-use vessels for fermentation. The newly launched Eppendorf BioBLU® 3f was developed specifically for microbial bioprocessing in working volumes of 1.25 to 3.75 L, extending the full range of operation for single-use fermentation from 60 mL to 3.75 L.

The new BioBLU 3f Single-Use Vessel for microbial bioprocessing.

Eppendorf BioBLU f Single-Use Vessels specifically address the demands of high cell density fermentation of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. Robust magnetic overhead drives featuring Rushton-type impellers support agitation rates up to 1200 rpm and provide high-performance mass transfer. Eppendorf exclusive integrated cooling baffles enable efficient heat removal for exothermic processes. The rigid-wall industrial stirred-tank design ensures scalability and simplifies technology transfer. The monolayer polymer material mitigates risk and uncertainty with regard to leachables and extractables.

"Product features are nice, but results are better", explains Ma Sha, PhD, Director of Technical Applications at Eppendorf, Inc. in Enfield, USA. "The BioBLU 3f achieved over 300 mmol O2/L/h OTR and outstanding 200 OD600 in E. coli fermentation. Our recent studies prove the excellent comparability of results obtained using the Eppendorf glass and BioBLU f Single-Use Vessels, respectively."

BioBLU 3f single-use bioreactors are designed as drop-in replacements for existing autoclavable fermentation vessels. They can be operated with the Eppendorf bioprocess control stations BioFlo® 115, BioFlo 310 and BioFlo 320.

The new BioBLU 3f Single-Use Vessel will be presented amongst others at this year’s SIMB Annual Meeting in New Orleans, USA from July 24 – 28. Interested visitors can learn more about the Eppendorf single-use bioreactor solutions for microbial applications at the Eppendorf booth and on www.eppendorf.com/BioBLUf.


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