BetterYou’s DLux oral vitamin D spray can help effectively manage vitamin D levels

The UK launch of social phenomenon Pokémon Go has been met with praise by health pioneers BetterYou, who are pleased to see that the smart phone app is encouraging players to venture outdoors from their otherwise sedentary lifestyles and enhancing their chances of boosting their vitamin D levels.

In a recent Medscape article, American experts report that the game is a mood-booster, and put this down to people going outside, being exposed to sunlight and receiving the benefits of vitamin D, which include decreasing anxiety and depression, and improving the immune system.

However, BetterYou, who are at the forefront of research into vitamin D supplementation explain that even during summer months in the UK, we simply are not getting enough vitamin D. We tend to cover up with a high factor sun cream and wear clothing to protect skin and therefore the UVB rays do not reach or penetrate the skin.

Obtaining vitamin D is even harder during the months of October to May in the UK, as the sun’s UVB rays aren’t strong enough for the skin to synthesise into Vitamin D, even on a cloudless day. Just 10 per cent of vitamin D is available through diet, and with increasingly sedentary, indoor lifestyles now the norm, people not sufficiently exposed to the sun may not synthesise enough vitamin D in order to meet psychological requirements.

Recent studies worldwide have highlighted the growing concerns of vitamin D deficiencies in children and adolescents. Figures from the NHS show that rickets in children has returned as a clinical concern. A more recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, showed that adolescents (aged 12-15 years) in the UK do not get enough sunlight to receive healthy amounts of vitamin D. More than one-quarter of the adolescents in the study had inadequate vitamin D levels even during summer, the period when participants spent the most time outdoors.

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou, said:

While it’s great that crazes like Pokémon Go are encouraging people to go outside, it’s important to highlight that the UK is one of the cloudiest countries in the industrialised world. Even our summers can’t guarantee to effectively raise vitamin D levels.

By taking just one spray a day of one of our DLux oral sprays, vitamin D levels can be effectively managed and many health conditions and diseases associated with deficiency could be avoided.

BetterYou’s DLux oral vitamin D spray range is listed in the NHS recommended product guide for vitamin D supplementation and comes in different strengths for people of all ages.

Researchers at Cardiff University, when testing BetterYou’s DLux vitamin D oral sprays, found that absorption within the mouth was far superior to the more traditional digestive route of tablets and capsules.

Dr Charles Heard, who lead the Cardiff University absorption trial, explains:

The ultra-fast uptake is due to the very absorbent tissue within the mouth and the close proximity of a rich vein network. In some cases, it is close to that of IV or intramuscular injections.

Trials by both the National Technical University of Athens and the Swiss Research Centre Pharmabase found that vitamin D absorption via an oral spray was at least 50% faster and more effective than traditional tablets and capsules.


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