Oral sprays, topical methods can be easier option to guarantee vitamin and mineral absorption, says expert

Many people don’t realise that how they take their vitamin and mineral supplements is just as important as what they take.

Attempting to increase supplement effectiveness and absorption by taking a supplement with particular foods and drinks is futile say health pioneers BetterYou, as modern day malabsorption is often to blame for nutritional absorbency issues.

“The fact is we are absorbing only a small percentage of what it says on the label” says Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou.

“Our increasingly restricted and processed diet combined with a decline in digestive efficiency means that some nutrients are better supplemented via methods alternative to traditional oral means. The key is to find the route into the bloodstream as quickly as possible.”

Nutritionist, Sally Wisbey says:

Swallowing capsules is not ideal for everyone especially those with digestive issues or insufficiencies for example, so buying supplements in oral sprays and topical methods can be an easier option.

BetterYou’s transdermal magnesium and oral vitamin spray ranges are ideal for supplementing, not only due to the absorption but the ease of delivery.

BetterYou’s oral vitamin sprays (including vitamin D, B12 and Multivit) and transdermal magnesium range offer superior absorption which traditional tablets, capsules and drops (which all rely upon an increasingly inefficient digestive system) simply can’t.

Whereas traditional supplements require sufficient hydrochloric acid within the stomach to break down the formulation for digestion, oral sprays deliver the formulation directly into the bloodstream via the buccal membrane (inner cheek).

Dr Charles Heard from Cardiff University said:

Sublingual delivery has been proven as an exceptionally effective and efficient method of supplementation as it relies upon the rich vascular system within the mouth to transport the vitamin directly into the bloodstream.

A further clinical trial by Cardiff University showed how well BetterYou magnesium is absorbed through the skin. A further study by Watkins & Josling showed that BetterYou magnesium can elevate cellular magnesium levels up to five times faster than traditional tablets or capsules.

Andrew concludes:

BetterYou is an expert in oral vitamin spray and transdermal magnesium preparations and is unparalleled in producing the most researched products available within our market today.

We strongly believe in demonstrating, through solid scientific research, that our products don’t just actually work, but are the most effective on the market.


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