New intelligent heated modules added to Vitl's product portfolio

Last year Vitl launched their new range of Intelligent Heated Modules as accessories required to operate the Ther-Mix Heated Mixer and Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater. HM06, HM07 and HM09 are the newest additions to the range, maintaining their unrivalled reputation of exceptional temperature accuracy, efficient sample heating and reducing variables.

The interchangeable Intelligent Heated Modules have been uniquely designed with an integrated heated lid, providing all-round intimate thermal contact and independent temperature control, thus eliminating the risk of sample evaporation and condensation.

With on-board intelligence and extensive memory capabilities, the Heated Modules eliminate the need to stand over samples, manually switching different mixing speeds and temperatures within a protocol, therefore providing the freedom to increase lab efficiency.

Dr Vladimir Gubala, Medway School of Pharmacy, describes his experience using the Heated Modules:

We can study up to 24 hydrogels at the same time whilst ensuring that other variables such as shaking speed, reaction time and temperature are precisely controlled. More importantly the combined use of the Ther-Mix and Heated Modules allows us to carry out long-term stability studies where temperature and mixing are two crucial factors but are notoriously hard to systematically control with conventional equipment.”

All modules offer quick selection options and are programmed with self-limiting mixing speeds and temperature settings for ultimate user-safety and sample care. With superior programming functionality users are able to fully customise, create and store their own profiles, even if the module is moved between the Ther-Mix and Flexi-Therm.

Vitl Heated Modules are ideal for use in PCR preparation, holding 0.15ml, 0.2ml and 0.25ml 96 deep-well PCR Micro Plates and Microcentrifuge tubes, with various module variants to be designed in the near-future to accommodate the wide variety of consumables on the market.



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