DS-11 FX+ Platinum Edition Giveaway from DeNovix

DeNovix Inc. is giving away a unique, platinum-colored DS11 FX+ 1µL Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer. Researchers from around the world are able to sign up to the company’s free-to-enter drawing at www.denovix.com/platinum.

platinumThe DS-11 FX+ is a stand-alone instrument engineered for rapid and accurate UV-Vis and fluorometric analysis across a wide range of applications and industries.

The system includes DeNovix’ custom Android™ operating software, Wi-Fi / Ethernet network connectivity and a glove-compatible HD touch screen.

Each new instrument is calibrated for life, maintenance free and backed by an industry-leading three-year factory warranty.

The DeNovix DS-11 FX Series is the first life science instrument to be recognized with this prestigious award.

The Seal of Quality program recognizes life science products that have consistently received the highest review ratings in categories such as ease of use, service and value.

Participants can gain multiple entries to win by completing up to ten simple online tasks such as visiting a product page, visiting the DeNovix Facebook page, sharing the contest with colleagues or sharing a picture of the old spectrophotometer they would like to replace.

The winner will be randomly chosen from all qualifying entries following the closing date on May 31st 2018.



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