Tradeshow Talks with Primasil Silicones

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Please tell us a bit about the company and why are you here today.

Primasil Silicones are based just outside Hereford, in a little village called Weobley. First and foremost, we're a compounder of silicones, so we're mixing many thousands of tons of materials. We're then selling those on to all industries, for processors and manufacturers of a range of products.

We're also using the materials on site to manufacturer featured products for ourselves. So there aren't really any rubber processes that we don't employ - we're injection molding, extruding, etc. Wherever there's a need for silicone, Primasil has a solution.

As I said, we are injection molders. We're doing parts for all industries, but we're here today because we're supplying a lot of parts and materials to the medical industry. Silicone is inert. It's biocompatible and it’s implantable, so it's a good grade for medical applications. It's also completely sterilizable. You can sterilize it by gamma, EtO, E-Beam and so, again, it's a good tool to have.

We also have a site in the Czech Republic that deals with all of the other rubbers as well, but they tend to focus more on the industrial industries.

Is there a specific product that you're featuring?

There’s not really a specific product we are focusing on, because we manufacture so many different products. It's more to do with the materials and our capabilities as a company.

We are a materials solution company, in that we're offering elastomeric or rubber solutions. We're manufacturing parts for all industries, and they range from very simple tubes and O-rings to seals and gaskets; products that are quite complicated with dual-material and over-moldings.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?

We do a lot of medical shows. We actually do a lot of trade shows overall, but I think we probably do more medical shows than other shows.

Ultimately the aim is to glean more business and it certainly works for us. We've been doing it for about 10 years now. We go all over the world to exhibit.

I think that whole relationship with the attendees is still quite important. Obviously, some of the conferences aren't cheap to attend, but I think they are of benefit, certainly to us.


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