Tradeshow Talks with SMAC

Tradeshow Talks with SMACBooth: A39

Please tell us a bit about the company and why are you here today.

SMAC is a Silicon Valley company out of the US. We're a global company based in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

Our presence here at Med Tech, Coventry is about talking to the pharmaceutical industry. We have a lot of products which are unique in terms of speed, application and footprint size for pharmaceutical applications such as petting, capping, verification, and assembly.

Additionally, we're a company that provides a lot of data in the verification process. That’s very important for FDA approval and other governing bodies within this sector.

Is there a specific product or service that you're featuring?

We're really highlighting our ability to do linear and rotary control with lots of data from that performance. So, if you want to check leap testing in pharmaceuticals, if you want to check capping and filling in the pharmaceutical industry, or if you want to do verification of processes, we're able to do that.

How are your services and products unique?

Our uniqueness is that we use a technology called moving coil technology. Moving coil technology is about a high speed and high g-forces, and very fine precision control.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?

We're an established company within the medical sector. We do lots of applications. We're really just raising the profile of our ability to work within the pharmaceutical industry.

We have the ability to network to business systems, even at Profinet, EtherCAT, etc., which is unique in the small footprint products that we have. That's something very attractive to some of the big pharmaceutical companies, so they can tie it into their business and processes, as well as their production facility.


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