Tradeshow talks with Steroplast

Tradeshow Talks with SteroplastBooth G01

Why are Steroplast here at Health GB?

We're a Manchester company, based in Wythenshawe, and we manufacture and distribute medical disposables, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic equipment into seven different sectors. When we heard about Health GB we thought, if there's going to be an exhibition for health in Manchester, it would be wrong not to be there.

What product are you focusing on here at Health GB?

This year Steroplast has been focusing on two different areas; emergency trauma and sport. Whilst continuing to provide for the first aid, emergency services, veterinary and medical sectors. We are very proud to provide the British Red Cross with all of their consumables, every single one of their ambulances are fully stocked with Steroplast products.

Our trauma range has been growing over the past year, obviously since the Manchester bombing and other high profile incidents this has been an area that has demanded focus. We have been working on our own emergency bleed control kits and finding the best equipment for traumatic situations, such as tourniquets and trauma dressings. We're trying to promote our bleed control kits as something that should not be ignored, and pricing them so that they can be placed in bars, pubs, shops, and basically anywhere with high footfall. So that if the worse should happen, our kits are there, and can be used to hopefully save lives.

How do you stand out from other businesses in your field?

Well, we have tried to design them so that any passerby could use them, even people without first response training could pick one up and help to save a life. The STAT Tourniquet works as you'd imagine a cable tie would, you just wrap around the wounded area and pull it to tighten. Then you can press the button, and this times how long it's been on the individual. That way, when the individual gets to hospital the medics will know how long it's been on their arm, and they will know the right decisions on where to go from there. Basically what we're trying to do is make it easier for people to save lives, and that's the job, isn't it?


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