Nanion launches HTS automated patch clamp platform

SyncroPatch 384iNanion is pleased to announce the launch of the SyncroPatch 384i. This new giga-ohm seal HTS automated patch clamp platform provides effortless ion channel screening coupled with unmatched flexibility, ease-of-use and reliability.

The new SyncroPatch 384i builds on the success of the SyncroPatch 384PE, which has been globally established as the preferred automated patch clamp workhorse in Pharma, Biotech, CRO and academia.

The SyncroPatch 384i is based on the newly introduced and state-of-the-art Biomek i5 liquid handler and will be ready for sale from July 1st. In 2013, the SyncroPatch 384PE was launched as the first automated patch clamp instrument capable of delivering giga-ohm seal-quality data in a 384-well plate format.

Image credit: Beckman Coulter

Globally acknowledged as the preferred automated patch clamp system, the SyncroPatch 384PE has enabled a revolution in ion channel drug discovery and safety pharmacology by making it possible to screen large compound libraries at a significantly lower cost than earlier generations of automated patch clamp devices.

Following a decade of collaboration between Beckman Coulter Life Science and Nanion Technologies, the SyncroPatch 384i has been developed with the objective to significantly improve the user experience and screening efficiency.

The new Biomek i5 liquid handler greatly improves experimental flexibility, ease-of-use and reliability and is the perfect environment for Nanion’s proprietary hardware and software which in the new system are adding new and valuable features to improve data generation and analysis.

The great flexibility and low running costs makes the SyncroPatch 384i equally applicable in all phases of preclinical drug discovery. Though the SyncroPatch 384i will completely substitute the SyncroPatch 384PE, both systems will continue to receive superior technical and application support from our large team of application scientists and field service engineers. The SyncroPatch 384i will be ready for sale from July 1st , but Nanion has already started taking orders for the new system.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs are driving the need for higher throughput campaigns on various targets while researchers have smaller, and more diverse development projects that need higher flexibility. The SyncroPatch 384i is ideally suited for both purposes."

Dr. Niels Fertig, CEO and Founder, Nanion Technologies.


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