Good news for patients with NFI-related low grade gliomas

A paper published in the academic journal Neuro-Oncology by NF experts has demonstrated an increased understanding of low grade gliomas (LGG) occurring in children and adults with NF1. While the biology of LGG has become better known over the past decade, the complexities of these tumors have inhibited practical application of this knowledge to NF1 related LGGs, which can potentially impact close to a third of NF1 patients.

According to Dr. Roger Packer, the Gilbert Family Foundation consensus conference held last year with NF1 and LGG experts was aimed at pulling together NF and low grade glioma experts to assess whether new therapeutic strategies could be developed for patients with LGG.

The paper can be accessed here:

In response to the timing of the meeting, Dr. Packer said:

The LGG Synodos teams, funded by CTF had collaborated to analyze for the first time in NF history a large enough number of specimens to draw some important conclusions which probably will have implications in how LGG patients will be treated going forward."

Journal reference:

Packer, R.J., et al. (2020) Implications of new understandings of gliomas in children and adults with NF1: report of a consensus conference. Neuro-Oncology.


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