V-Sensor and e-Checkup-enabled smartphones help monitor vital signs with medical accuracy

The rapid development and deployment of mobile phone apps during the Coronavirus pandemic by governments desperate to find a way to contain the virus by using mobile device technology for tracking and tracing is a clear indicator that mass adoption of smartphones to improve health outcomes in populations is set to become mainstream.

V-Sensor and e-Checkup-enabled smartphones help monitor vital signs with medical accuracy

Leman Micro Devices is the leader in the development of medically-accurate smartphone and mobile device technology for personal healthcare. Its unique V-Sensor™ and e-Checkup-app were developed for integration into next generation smartphones, mobile devices and wearables: they enable users to monitor their own five vital signs - blood pressure, blood oxygen level, pulse rate, temperature and respiration rate – with the same medical accuracy as doctors and clinicians. High blood pressure alone is a global epidemic, the cause of millions of deaths worldwide every year because people do not know they have it.

LMD’s V-Sensor module is a miniature sensor small enough to be integrated into the back of a smartphone. It measures blood pressure to medical accuracy using exactly the same principle as cuff, using only a fingertip. The e-Checkup app instructs the user to press harder or softer on the V-Sensor to occlude the arteries in the tip of the index finger and detects the occlusion optically using a pulse oximeter. Medically-accurate results which comply with international standard ISO 81060-2: mean error < 5 mmHg and standard deviation < 8 mmHg - appear on the e-Checkup app screen in less than 60 seconds. No other devices or calibration are required. The V-Sensor also measures blood oxygen levels (SpO2), pulse rate and respiration rate. Critically at the present time it also incorporates a thermopile for non-contact body temperature measurement. With an e-Checkup-enabled phone and a medically accurate temperature measurement no matter where the person may be at the time, he or she can simply call a physician or helpline for advice, a vital means of infection control.

As governments around the world embrace mobile phone technology against the Coronavirus pandemic, medicine and smartphones will become inextricably linked in the minds of the public. e-Checkup is the only technology in the world that measures vital signs to certified medical accuracy, with the V-Sensor small enough and cheap enough to be built into smartphones, mobile devices and wearables. They are a major leap on from the point we have reached globally, and a game-changer in daily personal health monitoring. As well as the direct benefits of early detection and timely monitoring of disease, the data they collect will transform diagnostic AI and telemedicine. Our future health really is now in our hands, built into the smartphones we always have with us.”

Mark-Eric Jones, CEO


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