High integrity microplate heat sealing films

Leading microplate technology specialists - Porvair Sciences has expanded its range of high integrity heat sealing films.

Extensive range of high integrity microplate heat sealing films

Choosing the correct combination of seal and closure device for different types of microplate is important to achieving good laboratory practice and to avoid unnecessary work further downstream. Microplates are a convenient method for storing, transporting and handling compounds and samples, but they have common problems associated with them. Evaporation can occur from the wells of the plate which can affect concentration readings. Contamination from dust, spores or other atmospheric detritus may occur and spillage is a constant danger whenever microplates are used for transport. Add to this the general risks of cross-contamination in the denser formats such as 96- and 384-well plates and it is easy to see why the most effective seal and closure device are an important consideration.

Porvair Sciences expanded range of heat-sealing films for microplates and tubes now includes clear, strong (Dura), heavy duty and gas permeable products with several variations to add flexibility and compatibility to suit all requirements for sample storage and collection. When heat is applied to these products, a tight seal is formed on polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate and cyclin olefin copolymer (COC) microplates and tubes.

Optically clear films from Porvair are available in a variety of formats including peelable and pierceable and strong non-peelable. These seals are ideal for a wide range of applications including imaging, fluorescence, colorimetric assays and PCR/qPCR. All clear seals are also compatible with devices that use a heat pressurized lid.

The Dura range of durable foil-based heat-sealing films are ideal for high temperature applications and room temperature storage. They come in a variety of formats including peelable, solvent resistant (including DMSO) and pierceable. All the Dura heat sealing films are autoclavable.

For long-term storage and transportation, Porvair has introduced the HD Heat seal. This new range of heat-sealing films offers the strongest protection of any of the Porvair range. Key properties of HD Heat seals include high resistance to a broad range of solvents, wide seal integrity range (80 °C to 110 °C) for polypropylene plates and durability (not penetrable by pipette tips and liquid handling systems).

Another new product introduction - the Bio Pierce and Peel seal is specially designed for use in cell culture applications. Based upon a non-woven gas permeable material which limits evaporation - the porous properties of the Bio Pierce and Peel seal allows gas exchange to occur whilst providing an inert surface and no adhesive to interfere with the microplate well contents.

To compliment this extensive range of high integrity heat sealing films - Porvair also offers a complete range of microplate and tube closure devices from small manual to fully automated heat-sealing systems such as the new UltraSeal Pro (https://www.microplates.com/ultraseal-pro/).


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