Bio-Helix announces approved patent for ECL

Bio-Helix Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese Biotechnology company who has been in the market for over a decade is an active life science and diagnostic reagents supplier serving the biomedical science communities across the globe, is pleased to be formally notified of the approved patent application for its proprietary enhanced chemiluminescent substrates (ECL) by the US Patent and Trademark Office on July 14, 2020.

The US patent application was originally submitted and filed on July 13, 2018, with the Title of Invention: Reagent and Kit for Performing Chemiluminescent Reaction.

Since the announcement of three different sensitivity levels of chemiluminescent substrates in the summer of 2019, which are part of the UltraScence series, we have been shipping the liquid- and powder-form  ECLs worldwide not only through our extensive distributor network but also over to our Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) partners in over 35 countries for advancing research in Western Blot and ELISA applications.

The low picogram or high femtogram detection of antigen is enabled by UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate’s excellent sensitivity and long signal duration. Further, its long chemiluminescent signal duration makes both digital and film-based imaging possible without any loss of the signal. Appropriate primary and secondary antibody dilutions are suggested for attaining optimal signal intensity and duration.

What makes this substrate special?

  • Extremely sensitive
  • Enhanced chemiluminescence duration
  • Powder form (unique in the world) allowing wider manufacturing around the globe as well as decreasing by about 95% shipping costs.

To learn more about Bio-Helix and its chemiluminescent substrates, click here.

About Bio-Helix

Bio-Helix has been focusing on providing the best bio-reagents for life science researchers all over the world since 2007. Our products, to name a few, include DNA markers, protein markers, pre-cast protein gels, protein stain, nucleic acid extraction and purification, PCR reagents and so on.

Working together with scientists in the lab around the world and continuing efforts of quality improvement, we begin to gain trust and appraises from customers. The brands, spreading in more than forty countries, have become trustworthy and signature brands of research and diagnostic reagents.

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