New book provides details on the roles of inflammation in head and neck malignancy

'Head and Neck Cancer: Hallmarks of The Inflammation Ecosystem' aims to highlight the significant roles of inflammation in head and neck malignancy. This entails the screening, diagnosis, treatment as well as follow-up schemes of head and neck cancer patients. Now, we know that the inflammation is the 7th hallmark of malignancy, and it has intimate relationship with the development and promotion of carcinogenesis, dictates the behavior of cancer and may be responsible for recurrent and metastatic disease.

Inflammation is significant, and the scope of this book is wide and encompasses all critical issues faced by clinicians, researchers, students, and other health-related personnel in managing head and neck malignancies. The book provides details on inflammation and its interaction in an ecosystem. Myriads of newly emerging inflammatory markers are interacting within a cohesive system in promoting carcinogenesis, tumor recurrent and metastases. Understanding these exquisite roles of inflammation may also serve for the development of potent therapeutic agents at the near future.

The chapters are nicely arranged with a start on a description of head and neck malignancy and its' types, followed by the risk factors where roles of inflammation are discovered and discussed in great depth. The inflammatory markers that are commonly studied which involved in the pathogenesis of head and neck malignancy are elaborated. Roles of specific inflammatory markers, especially in patient's stratification, prognosis, and survival, are pivotal, hence deserve critical attention from the scientific community.

The combination of basic and advanced topics makes this book an informative reference for medical students and professionals at all levels. Residents specializing in otolaryngology, oncology, and surgery as well as researchers studying inflammation will also gain an understanding of the subject in relation to oncogenesis.


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