Rapidly growing nanotechnology firm launches new identity as MIP Discovery

MIP Diagnostics, a leading UK nanotechnology firm has today rebranded to MIP Discovery as the business continues its expansion within the healthcare sector. 

Bedfordshire based MIP Diagnostics has been the market leader in the commercialisation of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) since its inception in 2015. A strong IP portfolio and team of industry specialists has secured rapid market growth in the medical diagnostics field, and the business is now expanding into the wider healthcare sector under the new identity of MIP Discovery.  

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers are a novel type of nanoparticle that are designed to mimic antibodies for use in diagnostic tests and other applications. They are completely animal-free and are able to target markers that are historically challenging for biological affinity reagents such as antibodies. Their unique characteristics have fuelled great success in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) fields, and the business is now taking the technology to the wider healthcare market, including drugs of abuse testing, food safety testing and cell and gene therapy manufacturing. The new name represents the wider scope of applications of MIPs and positions the business for continued growth. The rename comes at a time when the business has already attracted accelerated financial backing, with a recent oversubscribed investment round totalling £7.3M. 

Stephane Argivier, CEO at MIP Diagnostics said of the rename,

We are very proud to have transitioned to a customer focused, professional organisation. We have built a team with significant industry experience and achieved the product, industrial and commercial validation of our patented technology supported by great people and cutting-edge molecular modelling capabilities. As we continue on our journey and drive market adoption in our market focus areas of next generation IVD, industrial sensors and cell & gene therapy bioprocessing, it is important that our identity evolves with us too, which is why we have changed our name from MIP Diagnostics to MIP Discovery.” 

He added, "The new name represents our differentiated technology and resonates with our innovative client base, mostly blue-chip companies, who are dedicated to discovering new ways to improve people’s quality of life.” 

About MIP Discovery 

MIP Discovery is a technology leader in the field of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs). The business has developed a novel, proprietary design and development process to make nanoMIPs; nano scale molecularly imprinted polymers that act as synthetic alternatives to antibodies. They are highly specific, sensitive, and robust, enabling new applications where antibodies have reached their limits. They are suitable for use in IVD assays, biosensors, bioprocessing, and other industry applications.  


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