Finsen Tech ties up with market opportunity specialist Sanollo to open international doors for its UVC disinfection products

Global company Finsen Tech, the world-renowned pioneers in UVC innovation to control the spread of infectious pathogens, has entered into an alliance with successful UK-based market opportunity specialist Sanollo.

The deal, which has once again demonstrated the efficacy of Sanollo’s unique business model, has created an entirely new portfolio of agreed distributor networks for Finsen Tech in South Africa, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia and Spain.

Finsen Tech specialises in the design and manufacture of life-saving UVC disinfection products and services which can be effectively utilised across healthcare, hospitality and other sectors.

Founded seven years ago, the company operates on the premise that UVC light is a known disinfectant for surface, objects and air, and interest in Finsen Tech products has peaked in line with the heightened awareness of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), whose UVC technology has been shown to destroy.

Finsen Technologies has a suite of exciting products and a terrific team and, when we get in front of potential customers, conversion to sales quickly follows. Major international trade fairs, however, are crowded and competitive events and the expertise, market knowledge and contacts that Sanollo brought to the table were invaluable in putting us face-to-face with decision-makers and signers. Finding new partners and distributors can be time-consuming and costly and outsourcing our international business development to Sanollo considerably eased pressure on staff and brought in the positive results we were looking for.

Bill Passmore, CEO of Finsen Tech Group

In choosing to partner with Sanollo, Finsen Tech effectively outsourced its international sales and market development capability. For less than the cost of a single in-house sales asset, Sanollo delivered ten market entry reports, five signed distributors who purchased capital equipment, and 3x sales to investment revenue – all within the first year.

Also, as Sanollo is a UK-based consultant, Finsen Tech was able to claw back part of its investment in Sanollo through the DIT Internationalisation Fund which is designed to help eligible SMEs expand their international market presence by providing matched funding of 40% to 50% of projects up to £9,000.

The engagement with Finsen Tech, said Sanollo Director James Hardie, demonstrated that the return on investment provided by the Sanollo model of expert guidance and advocacy significantly outpaced the cost to clients of employing their own in-house international business development specialists.

The return on investment (RoI) on using the experience, knowledge and business analysis processes of Sanollo is in the region of 300%, as opposed to salary and other hiring costs of more than three times as much to achieve the same sales results. By engaging with Sanollo on this project Finsen Tech gained a team of three experienced medical sales specialists. Finsen Tech was able to scale business development quickly and efficiently by leveraging Sanollo’s resources. Through understanding the market, the product and Finsen Tech’s growth goals, Sanollo was able to work with Finsen Tech to create the ideal distributor profile, directly engage with the target partners and motivate them to proactively deliver sales. Our mission has always been to help the best medical technology enter new markets and our insight reports, market strategy, trials and distributor management allow any company to build their international business.

James Hardie, Sanollo Director

Sanollo has built its brand on the knowledge that having to sell a product to a succession of distributors can be time-consuming and susceptible to cultural nuances in diverse international markets.

It has managed distribution partners even in the most challenging environments, such as India, Iraq and Nigeria, and has continued to deliver success across a range of products, from software to consumables.


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