Zeus Invests in Global Expansion Program to Increase Catheter Manufacturing Capacity

Zeus, the global leader in advanced polymer solutions, today announced a multi-million dollar investment to expand its catheter manufacturing capacity worldwide. The first phase of the expansion program is already underway at the company’s San Jose location in California. This initial project will significantly extend the facility’s footprint to increase catheter-based design and manufacturing capacity.

Steve Peterson, CEO and President at Zeus, said the investment is in response to growing demand from medical device OEMs.

Our customers depend on innovative thinking, speed, and the latest catheter design and manufacturing technologies to deliver their life-saving products,” said Peterson. “We want to solidify Zeus’ position as their strategic, long-term partner.”

The existing San Jose site will increase by 127%, extending its footprint to 32,000 square feet. This expansion will also increase the facility’s ISO-certified cleanroom capacity for design, prototyping, validation, and manufacturing to over 7,000 square feet total and double Zeus’ braiding and coiling capacity for catheter-based minimally invasive devices.

The San Jose expansion will create 15 new jobs this year and 50-plus new jobs over the next one-to-two years. These added positions will include project engineers, project managers, product builders, and technicians.  

Suresh Sainath, General Manager and Senior Vice President for Zeus’ CathX Medical division, said the San Jose expansion will allow Zeus to meet the immediate requirements of its customers best. “We offer customers a dedicated partner with the capacity to drive their catheter manufacturing programs. Zeus can deliver solutions from concept to commercialization.”

Quick facts

  • Zeus is the global leader in advanced polymer solutions, from tubing, catheter componentry, and heat shrink to bioabsorbable and implantable medical products, sutures, and much more.
  • CathX Medical, a Zeus Company, provides catheter-based design, development, and manufacturing services to medical device OEMs and companies.
  • Zeus acquired CathX Medical in June 2021 to enhance the company’s capabilities in catheter design, development, and manufacturing.
  • Responding to increased global demand for its products, Zeus has announced a multi-million dollar expansion program.
  • The first phase of the expansion program is being rolled out at CathX Medical’s San Jose, California location.
  • This initial project extends the San Jose facility’s footprint, increases design and manufacturing capabilities, and creates new job opportunities.

About Zeus

Zeus is headquartered in Orangeburg, SC, USA. Its core business is the development and precision extrusion of advanced polymeric materials. The company employs over 2,000 people worldwide with manufacturing and sales facilities in Aiken, Columbia, Gaston, Orangeburg, South Carolina; Branchburg, New Jersey; Chattanooga, Tennessee; San Jose, California; Guangzhou, China; and Letterkenny, Ireland. Zeus products and services serve companies in the medical, automotive, aerospace, fiber optics, energy, and fluid management markets. For more information, visit www.zeusinc.com.


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