1. Southern Lady Southern Lady United States says:

    IBS/C started in preteen years. Endometriosis diagnosed in late 20's. I always seemed to be more anxious than those whom I considered to be better than me in some ?way.  Began in early 30's have strange episodes in my sleep like I was dying (or imagined it would feel), When husband left me with 2 small sons IBS/C pain was horrific but had to work. A month before that my brother (post polio syndrome) died in his sleep.  I had no regular heartbeat for several days, but I canceled appointment when it stopped.  Doctors never believed anything I told them and I knew that with a normal heart rhythm visit would be useless.  When later it recurred and lasted several days without regular rhythm I went to the ER so they could check me while it was abnormal.  That is when I first heard the words MVP.  Happened to find a book written by Lynn Fredrickson, a nurse at MVPS in Alabama.  It seemed to tie everything together: dysautonomia for most of it.  But, back to night time episodes:  I began having clusters of strange feelings followed by extreme weakness.  My sons called an ambulance when they witnessed a seizure at night, but still no one believed them.  My 3rd tongue chewer was a bed wetter.  I called my brother to take me to ER.  When feeling came back to tongue in exam room the doctor saw my tongue.  Neurologist put me on Dilatin and strange episodes were under control for awhile.  Dilantin had to be increased. Oh, did I mention fibro started and with it I started having what I described as flu like symptoms.  Have had additional types of seizures in my 60's and Keppra was added.  I have chronic pain and after two colon surgeries it seems I am always in pain, aching, tense, and so weary.

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