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Clinical Use of Procalcitonin in the Patient with Suspected Sepsis

The content aims to analyze the value contributed by the diagnosis and prognosis with procalcitonin in symptoms of sepsis, and its usefulness in the therapy to be applied to the patient in comparison with other methods, such as blood culture or CRP. Also the topics of the maximum response time (TAT) acceptable for the results and of the measurement interval will be focused. In short, we will discuss the real need for PCT as a POCT test.

This webinar will review the definition of sepsis, and the use of biomarkers and their suitability as a point-of-care test, mainly focusing on procalcitonin. The webinar is presented in Portuguese.


Dr. Carla Mimoso Santos

Responsible for the PAPA - Program for Support to the Antimicrobial Prescription of  GCL-PPCIRA -  Local Coordination Group of the Program for Prevention and Control of Infections and Resistance to Antimicrobials of CH Lisbon Norte (Hospital Santa Maria).

Dr. Hugo Ferreira

Intensive Care Cardiothoracic Surgery. of CH Lisbon Norte (Santa Maria Hospital)

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