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Minimizing Pre-Analytical Errors in Blood Gas Testing

There is an increasing awareness of the impact of errors in medicine on the patient and on the entire healthcare system. It is estimated that as many as 98,000 people die annually in the USA as a result of preventable medical errors. This problem has been recognized by both World Health Organization (WHO) as well as by the European Commission (EC). According to both WHO and EC data, one in ten patients experience some form of harm due to a medical error while receiving hospital care. Those data have triggered an increasing interest in quality improvement and patient safety in the healthcare profession over the past two decades with the aim of reducing the rate of adverse events, improving patient outcome, and decreasing the overall economical burden. Opportunities for improvement need to be identified and all stakeholders are responsible for action.

This webinar will review the steps in blood gas testing focusing on all possible sources or errors and error prevention opportunities, outline most critical characteristics related to the patient condition, blood collection procedure and sample stability, and provide recommendations for successful management of blood gas testing.


Ana-Maria Simundic, PhD, Prof. of Medical Biochemistry, Zagreb University, Zagreb, Croatia

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