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Creatinine in the Emergency Department and in the Intensive Care Unit - an Emergency Parameter


Patients in the emergency room often have causal or concomitant acute or chronic kidney disease. Often the kidney disease and its extent are not known at the time of admission. A pre-existing chronic kidney disease, like acute kidney failure, determines the clinical course, the meaningful clinical courses of action, the mortality and the length of stay in hospital.

The determination of creatinine and the calculation of the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) are the gold standard for assessing and monitoring the progress of kidney dysfunction. Many other new biomarkers have also been investigated with regard to diagnosis and risk assessment - they can, however, only supplement, not replace, the nationwide and rapidly available creatinine determination.

The content of the lecture is the importance of creatinine determination as an emergency parameter in the emergency room and as a course parameter in the intensive care unit. In particular, practical courses of action for the nephrological patient in the emergency room and in the intensive care unit due to pathologically changed kidney function parameters should be shown.



Dr. med. Christian Forster
Senior Physician in the Central Emergency Department
Klinikum Fürth

After studying human medicine at the University of Erlangen, Dr. Christian Forster, the assistant doctor at the Medical Clinic 4 of the University Hospital Erlangen. There he acquired the specialist titles "Internal Medicine" and "Nephrology". For many years he worked as a ward physician on the nephrological intensive care unit of the University Hospital Erlangen. He gained a wealth of experience, in particular in the care of nephrological emergency and intensive care patients. A special focus was the care of patients with multiple organ failure. He has published on nephrological and intensive care topics, including "Critical Care". He has also acquired a special connection to emergency medicine through his work in the emergency medical service.

Currently, Dr. Ing. med. Christian Forster works as a senior physician in the Central Emergency Department at the Klinikum Fürth. As a nephrologist he participates in the nephrological consortium service of the clinic. In the unusual constellation as a nephrologist in the emergency room, he mainly takes care of nephrological emergency and intensive care patients.

Dr. In addition to the specialist title "Internal Medicine" and "Nephrology, Christian Forster owns the recognition and expertise" Emergency Medicine "," Special Internal Intensive Care Medicine ", as well as" Diabetologist DDG "and" Hypertensiologist DHL ".

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