The Divided Reservoir - A Rethink

The majority of reservoirs have a plastic base that is built-in. This is discarded when you are done and creates a lot of unnecessary waste plastic. Developing a reusable and sturdy base that is compatible with a variety of reservoir inserts means that we are able to help you reduce plastic waste whilst at the same time saving you money.

Minimizing Dead Volumes

Dead volumes are a real problem, especially if you are using expensive reagents such as a PCR master mix. Other reagent reservoirs aim to minimize dead space by using V-shaped bottoms.

However, as soon as one of the tips of a multichannel pipette begins aspirating air, the remaining liquid in the other tips becomes dead volume. Integra has developed a reservoir combined with two innovations: unique surface treatment and the SureFloTM anti-sealing array to combat this problem.

SureFlo uses a simple but compelling principle. The pipette tip can sit at the bottom of the reservoir without sealing or creating a vacuum because of a series of tiny channels. This allows the reagent liquid to flow smoothly. The specially formulated hydrophilic, inert surface treatment enhances this system by preventing liquid from pooling. This results in a reservoir specifically created to offer the lowest dead volumes available.

A Divided Reservoir with all the Benefits

Our most recent release is the divided reservoir. This offers 5 and 10 ml volumes next to each other whilst still comfortably fitting in a 25 ml reusable base. Volume graduations are clearly visible which allows for accurate filling.

Early tests revealed that dead volumes of less than 3 µl can be achieved even on the 5 ml side. This is the lowest ever. This new design enhances INTEGRA’s complete range of VIAFLO pipettes, VOYAGER adjustable spacing pipettes and multichannel EVOLVE manual pipettes. The eight-channel VOYAGER pipette is perfect for aspirating from the 5 ml side and then dispensing into either a 96- or a 384- well plate.

Pour-back spouts are moulded into the corners, as with other reservoirs in the range, which facilitate convenient and spill-free return of unused reagent to the source container. The new reservoir is compatible with a wide range of chemicals as it is available in both polystyrene and polypropylene.

What Are You Waiting For?

25 ml Divided Reagent Reservoir With Lowest Dead Volume

When you consider the true cost arising from reagent and plastic waste, you can see that these benefits come at a genuinely competitive rate.


INTEGRA provides innovative solutions for Liquid Handling and Media Preparation applications which serve the needs of their customers in research, diagnostics and quality control laboratories.

Their instruments and plastic consumables are developed and manufactured in Zizers, Switzerland and Hudson, NH USA. In order to remain close to their customers, they maintain a direct sales and support organization in North America, the UK, France and Germany, as well as a network of over 100 highly trained distribution partners worldwide.

In recent years they have focused on developing a new and technologically advanced range of handheld electronic pipettes which are simple to use and meet the ergonomic needs of their customers.

Today they are proud to offer the widest range of electronic pipettes in the market spanning a range from single channel pipettes up to 384 channel bench-top instruments.

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