VIAFLO ASSIST Automates Early Stage Cell-Based Assay Development

A video released by INTEGRA shows how the biotech contract research specialist Likarda LLC is using VIAFLO ASSIST to develop low-cost, high throughput, cell-based assays for its clients.

Accurate and reproducible testing in drug discovery research

In early phase drug discovery studies, highly reproducible and accurate testing is required to provide evidence researchers can be sufficiently confident in before they move forward. Likarda has developed a proprietary approach that they use for 3D cell-based testing, but the reliability of the results obtained from these kinds of tests and others depends on the integrity of the data. In environments where the adage 'time is money' applies, Likarda can be depended on to quickly provide accurate results.


Likarda has invested in robots such as the INTEGRA VIAFLO ASSIST, which have improved the precision, accuracy, flexibility, and speed of its research and drug discovery.

Since Likarda’s contract research employs multi-well microplates, multi-channel pipettes are a crucial part of the workflow. After reviewing many various automation solutions, Likarda selected the INTEGRA VIAFLO ASSIST to run one single plate at a time for preliminary research, pilot studies and early assay development.

Compared to manual pipetting, the INTEGRA VIAFLO ASSIST eliminated the risk of less reproducible results and its electronic pipettes increased the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting procedures such as reagent addition, serial dilutions, and plate filling. The VIAFLO ASSIST is also affordably-priced.

The VIAFLO ASSIST saved time when developing high throughput assays, owing to its intuitive touchscreen control software and ergonomic one-handed operation. This reduced the costs involved in carrying out the research for customers.

Overview of INTEGRA Biosciences

INTEGRA Biosciences, an ISO 9001 certified company, provides high-quality laboratory tools for media preparation and liquid handling. The company develops new solutions that meet customer requirements in diagnostics, research and quality control within the medical industry and life science markets.

INTEGRA’s laboratory products are widely used across the globe and distribution-partners worldwide provide customers with responsive services that are supported by experienced specialists at INTEGRA’s headquarters in the USA, Zizers, NH, Switzerland and Hudson.

Overview of Likarda LLC

Likarda LLC is a leading biotech research laboratory for science entrepreneurs, contract research organizations (CRO and partners for bio consortiums. The company combines early-phase discovery research with analytical and consultative services, so that customers can proceed in their drug discovery research with confidence, efficiency, and success, in an affordable way.

Likarda tries to bring disruptive technologies to market that improve health outcomes and reduce costs for both people and pets. A proprietary cell culture system is used by the company to develop miniaturized organs or 3D cell clusters. The system is used in various markets including drug discovery and development, regenerative medicine, cell-based transplantation and many more.

Dr Lisa Stehno-Bittel, CEO of Likarda LLC and the VIAFLO Assist

Dr Lisa Stehno-Bittel, CEO of Likarda LLC and the VIAFLO Assist

For more information on VIAFLO ASSIST, please visit:


INTEGRA provides innovative solutions for Liquid Handling and Media Preparation applications which serve the needs of their customers in research, diagnostics and quality control laboratories.

Their instruments and plastic consumables are developed and manufactured in Zizers, Switzerland and Hudson, NH USA. In order to remain close to their customers, they maintain a direct sales and support organization in North America, the UK, France and Germany, as well as a network of over 100 highly trained distribution partners worldwide.

In recent years they have focused on developing a new and technologically advanced range of handheld electronic pipettes which are simple to use and meet the ergonomic needs of their customers.

Today they are proud to offer the widest range of electronic pipettes in the market spanning a range from single channel pipettes up to 384 channel bench-top instruments.

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