Increasing Catheter Construction Quality with FluoroPEELZ Peelable Heat Shrink Material

The groundbreaking new FluoroPEELZ peelable heat shrink from Zeus offers a revolutionary way for manufacturers to improve safety for catheter construction and increase yields. It has a fully encapsulated blade, and the FluoroPEELZ slit fixture allows the safe creation of a precise linear tear which allows the heat shrink to be peeled away easily.

Delivery of a Peelable Heat Shrink

There is no room for error in the delicate process of catheter construction. The final step is often the most laborious as well as being most critical and involves removing the recovered FEP heat shrink from over the outer shaft. With the introduction of the FluoroPEELZ peelable heat shrink from Zeus, this can be done with one simple linear tear. Simply use the FluoroPEELZ slit fixture to slit the end of the heat shrink, peel it back, and move on.

FluoroPEELZ Peelable Heat Shrink Improves Safety, Accelerates Production and Increases Yield.

Are you concerned about the safety of your workers? Do you find reducing costs a challenge? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to improve yields?

The new and improved FluoroPEELZ slit fixture encapsulates the blade fully within a metal housing. The cutting device accurately locates the recovered FluoroPEELZ heat shrink within the device in order to make the initial cut, which means no guesswork. The FluoroPEELZ is cut exactly in the middle which allows you to peel away the FluoroPEELZ layer from the catheter.

FluoroPEELZ Delivers Simplicity to a Complicated Process Which Saves Both Money and Time

Operators can quickly and easily peel FluoroPEELZ heat shrink away using the FluoroPEELZ slit fixture which improves efficiencies and workplace safety. Customers using FluoroPEELZ describe minimal scrap, increased yields and reduced downstream processing. All of which improve cost-effectiveness.

FluoroPEELZ Offers the Highest Optical Clarity Available on the Market

FluoroPEELZ is the most translucent peelable heat shrink available, and this allows operators to visually inspect the construction during the reflow process. Performing inspection at the time of reflow eliminates guesswork and speeds up the production process. Removing FluoroPEELZ produces a smooth and void-free exterior finish.

Reliable Results from FluoroPEELZ

Dwell times and recovery temperatures are consistent with FEP heat shrink. FluoroPEELZ delivers fast and reliable results with the quality performance that customers have come to expect from Zeus.

Who Zeus Work With

Zeus partners with everyone. Your project will be treated as top priority whether you are in academia or associated with a global medical device and contract manufacturer or launching an entrepreneurial start-up.


Balloon Tracking/Welding

Zeus FluoroPEELZ heat shrink provides an excellent way of welding balloons to drug delivery or dilation catheters. FluoroPEELZ is a superior alternative to polyolefin heat shrink. It is easier to remove and is not prone to tearing or damaging the balloon as it is removed. FluoroPEELZ can be pigmented for use with CO2 laser recovery if laser heating for shrink recovery is preferred.

Catheter Construction

Used over nylon or Pebax jacketing, Zeus FluoroPEELZ peelable heat shrink encapsulates the underlying jacketing while heat is applied to the outer FluoroPEELZ layer during the catheter construction process. The underlying jacketing is melted by the applied heat, allowing the jacket to reflow into the catheter braiding. This bonds the catheter base liner, braiding, and jacketing together. After the jacket material has cured, the recovered FluoroPEELZ top layer is removed, starting with the FluoroPEELZ slit fixture.

Packaging/Balloon and Stent Protectors

FluoroPEELZ is also available for use as a packaging aid to protect catheter balloons, stents or balloon-stent assemblies during the manufacturing process because it is extruded tubing that is non-heat shrinkable. Balloon and stent assemblies are securely held and protected by encapsulation within the FluoroPEELZ until they are ready to be used.

About Zeus Inc.

Zeus were among the first to work in the arena of minimally invasive techniques for revolutionary procedures such as neuromodulation. Their PEEK drawn fiber offers a non-metallic replacement for stainless steel. And when a major aircraft manufacturer needed an immediate design change on a harness assembly, Zeus delivered in record time.

Zeus has vast experience in medicine, aerospace, energy exploration, automotive, fiber optics and more allowing you to leap past “can’t” and into “how”.

What makes them different is that they think differently. Even though they’re the world’s leading expert in polymer tubing, they’re much more than a polymer tubing company. Zeus solves problems and anticipates innovation. Zeus are in the business of changing lives.

History of Zeus Inc

Frank P. Tourville, Sr. worked in the polymer extrusion industry for ten years before creating Zeus from a desire to “do it better.” While Zeus quickly established itself as a world leader providing high-performance polymer extrusions and solutions, their rapid, sustained growth is rooted in a commitment to improving industries and lives.

Zeus is Everywhere You Are

Zeus touches just about every major industry in the world. Their products make everyday life better, faster, safer. You’ll find Zeus technology in your backyard grill and automobile. You’ll find them in the aircraft taking you where you need to go and the hand of the surgeon saving your life. Zeus' research facilities are surpassed only by the enthusiasm and commitment of our people.

Why Choose Zeus As An Innovation Partner?

When your product and reputation are on the line, you want the best. No other company in the world delivers the consistency, dependability and unrivaled innovation of Zeus.

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