Discussing the GiroNEX Cube from GiroNEX at Lab Innovations 2018

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Could You Tell Us About Your Company and Why You Are at Lab Innovations Today?

We are GiroNEX Limited - a start-up company which has grown out of GB Innomech, based near Cambridge. GB Innomech has a wealth of experience in the areas of bespoke automation and powder handling / dispensing, and we used this expertise to develop our new product.

Our new product, the GiroNEX Cube, is a microgravimetric power dispenser, which is used to deliver milligram quantities of powder into containers such as vials. This is done with precision, allowing the accurate dispensing of powders from half a milligram upwards. At the moment this technology is aimed at the pharmaceutical market to fill vials and capsules, although we are also developing the technology for applications outside of pharmaceuticals.

This show is the first time we have demonstrated the system to the public. We chose Lab Innovations because it has a very wide appeal across the lab industries, so we can receive feedback from lots of different industrial players. While our main market will undoubtedly be pharmaceuticals we’re still interested in hearing about other ways we can serve our potential customers.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far. Many customers have been interested in the GiroNEX Cube itself, while others have seen the benefits of the core dispensing technologies behind the Cube and look forward to the various upcoming applications of the technology.

How is the Show Going for You So Far?

It's been really interesting. We weren't quite sure what to expect, as this is the first time we’ve connected more broadly with people who are interested in our technology. We've received several promising leads from people who want to demo our unit and try it out for themselves. We’re excited about that, as finding development partners for our full range of products was the primary goal of our exhibit.

What Makes the GiroNEX Cube Unique?

While there are other powder dispensing systems available in the marketplace, there are none that make powder dispensing as straightforward and as accessible as the GiroNEX Cube.

The GiroNEX Cube can accurately disperse powders at masses between 0.5 - 500 mg. It achieves a high degrees of accuracy through an autonomous dispensing system which uses an algorithm that considers the properties of the powder being dispensed, such as its flowability, and uses this information to ensure that the dispensing is carried out accurately.

We’ve designed the system to be cost-effective, with no additional consumable cost. Once a lab has bought the machine and the consumables they need, they can just clean and re-use them over and over again. They don’t expire and have no in-built lifetime limit, while other available systems do.

And finally, the system is very compact which means it can fit into any lab – no matter how small it may be!

Does the GiroNEX Cube Have a Unique Design?

Besides from the balance in the machine, which is an industry standard Sartorius weigh cell, the rest of the machine is completely unique - having been designed and engineered in-house.

How Easy is the GiroNEX to Use?

With the GiroNEX Cube it is very easy to carry out highly accurate powder dispensing. Users can set the required mass to be dispensed, the percentage accuracy needed, and the number of dispenses required - the system does everything else for you. We want to supply our customers with a system that dispenses at a rate and accuracy that is independent of the powder used - reducing set up for different powders. 100% independence would be impossible but we believe that with the GiroNEX Cube we are close to it!

The system provides feedback on how well the dispensing has gone – showing green for a good dispense, or red on the occasions when it hasn’t worked. This allows operators to readily know what samples can be accepted or rejected. Further information about the behavior of the dispense is also available but doesn’t complicate access to the most essential information.

Data input is very simple and equipping the system with the powder and containers is too. It’s as easy to use as a toaster – just press the button and watch it go.

Which Industries is the GiroNEX Cube Designed For?

When we designed the GiroNEX Cube we had the pharmaceutical industry in mind. It finds application in the early stages of pharmaceutical research and development. Further development of the technology and the introduction of new products will open applications further down the development path – where it could be used clinically for the filling of capsules for early and late stage clinical trials.

We’ve also noted that the GiroNEX Cube has a wide appeal outside of the pharmaceutical industry, with many different industries having shown interest in our system here at Lab Innovations. The GiroNEX Cube benefits anyone who needs to accurately dose small masses of powder.

About Gironex Ltd

GiroNEX Ltd is a Cambridgeshire based technology company building state-of-the-art intelligent automated gravimetric weighing instruments for powder dispensing.

As a spin-out from GB Innomech, Gironex is solely focused on developing its dispensing technology for a range of environments and markets.

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