BF261 Refrigerators: Advanced storage solutions for blood and plasma preservation

B Medical Systems specializes in the production of medical-grade blood bank refrigerators meticulously designed to safeguard the integrity of valuable blood samples.

Image Credit: B Medical Systems

These refrigerators find widespread use in blood banks, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. The product range from B Medical Systems encompasses a variety of blood bank refrigerators, each differing in storage capacity.

One notable model, the BF261, stands out with its dual storage compartments. The first compartment is dedicated to refrigerating blood, while the second is designed to uphold the integrity of blood plasma and other samples at freezing temperatures.

Key attributes of this blood bank refrigerator and freezer include a cooling system designed for consistent and stable temperature maintenance, significant operational autonomy, and rapid temperature recovery capability, even with frequent door openings. 

Source: B Medical Systems

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Gross Volume  121 L x2 | 4.27 cu ft x2 
Set Temperature  +4 °C | -32 °C 
Ambient Temperature Range  +10 °C to +32 °C 
Certifications  cCSAus | EU MDR Class IIa | GMP B | ISO 6 | SCoPE | US FDA Class II 
Net Weight  118 Kg | 260.15 lb 
Energy Consumption  2.9 kWh/24 h (60 Hz) | F: 2.8 kWh/24 h (50 Hz) | R: 1.1 kWh/24 h 
Refrigerant Type  Natural R600a/R290 
Remote Monitoring  Optional °B Connected software via data communication unit 
Hold Over Time  F: 1.6 h (-32 °C to -23 °C) | R: 1.7 h (+4 °C to +10 °C)