Vaccine Transport Boxes from B Medical Systems are medical-grade apparatuses designed to ensure the safety of valuable vaccines and medicines during transit. They are most commonly used in hospitals, health centers, research labs, and vaccination campaigns to safely move thermosensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, or other biologicals between points of care while upholding the necessary storage conditions.

B Medical Systems’ product line includes a variety of Transport Boxes with varied storage capacities. The RCW25, with a gross volume of 44 L, is suitable for transporting thermosensitive vaccines, medications, and samples.

The main benefits of this Transport Box are the product's resilience, the extended fridge life for long temperature-controlled transportation, and the eco-friendly insulation for ultimate coverage against temperature variations.

Source: B Medical Systems

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Gross Volume 44 L | 1.55 cu ft
Vaccine Storage Capacity 20 L | 0.71 cu ft6
Certifications WHO PQS E004/005
Cooling Technology Icepacks or PCM (-30 °C or +5 °C)
Net Weight 15.9 Kg
Remote Monitoring RTMD/GT Mini
Cold Life at +43 °C 134.6h


Vaccine transport boxes for vaccine and pharmaceuticals solutions

Image Credit: B Medical Systems