CSF101 – A contact shock freezer for fresh plasma freezing

To maintain the integrity of its components, it is crucial to freeze fresh plasma promptly. Exposure to suboptimal temperatures can lead to rapid denaturation of molecules, diminishing the sample’s efficacy for therapeutic purposes.

Image Credit: B Medical Systems

Ensuring increased throughput and optimal sample quality requires rapid and complete freezing of fresh plasma. Moreover, initiating the freezing process sooner helps in stabilizing a greater number of proteins.

B Medical Systems has addressed the need for efficient freezing with the development of the CSF101, a Contact Shock Freezer designed specifically for the rapid freezing of large volumes of blood plasma. This innovation is particularly beneficial for storage over extended periods in freezers.

The CSF101 empowers blood banks and transfusion centers to increase yield, enhance throughput from one load to the next, and achieve the most efficient freezing times. This guarantees the production of high-quality fresh frozen plasma.

The process of freezing 48 standard 350 ml bags from room temperature to −30 °C typically takes about 26 minutes. This swift freezing ensures that the maximum amount of proteins and other components are effectively preserved, making them suitable for storage in Plasma Freezers.

Source: B Medical Systems

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Plasma Bag Capacity (250 ml)  48 (single layer)  
96 (double layer) 
Plasma Bag Capacity (850 ml)  32 (single layer) 
Set Temperature  -50 °C 
Freezing Time from +20 °C to -30 °C (250 ml, single layer)
at +25 °C ambient temperature 
26 minutes 
Freezing Time from +20 °C to -30 °C (850 ml)
at +25 °C ambient temperature 
51 minutes 
Ambient Temperature Range  +10 °C to +32 °C 
Certifications  EU MDR Class IIa | US FDA Class II 
Net Weight  750 Kg | 1653.57 lb 
Energy Consumption during Stable Running (unloaded)  0.9 kWh/hour* 
Refrigerant Type  R449a 
Remote Monitoring  °B Connected software