New ion exchange resin will help people with thyroid gland problems

Rohm and Haas Company has introduced Amberlite® PWA2 ion exchange resin, the first resin specifically designed for the selective removal of perchlorate from drinking water. 

According to the EPA, perchlorate has been detected in water supplies across the United States, and can interfere with iodide uptake into the thyroid gland.

In many typical municipal well contamination cases, Amberlite PWA2 resin has been shown to be the most cost effective technology solution to manage perchlorate contamination concerns. This ultra-selective product achieves the highest loading (removal) capacity for perchlorate of all available ion exchange resins, with as much as 10 times better performance versus other products.  It can be used to treat both potable and non-potable water.

For more information on Amberlite PWA2 resin, or help with any other water quality problem, please contact Rohm and Haas at 1.800.RHAMBER or visit


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