New simple medical alarm

The idea is simple. If you need help, simply press one button and be connected to a live Personal Assistant standing by just for your call anytime or anywhere.

Tell the Personal Assistant what you need and they will stay on the phone with you until your problem is solved. If you don’t know where you are, your Personal Assistant may be able to pinpoint your location to within just a few feet.

In response to the huge demand from independent seniors - and their often distant family members - Clayton Communications, Inc. has introduced the world’s first SafeGuardian One Button Medical Alarm Cell Phone.

SafeGuardian One Button Medical Alarm Cell Phone is a small, lightweight battery powered cell phone with a built-in GPS locator. The most impressive feature is that it is designed to go wherever you do. Clip it to your belt, drop in into a purse or move it between vehicles, it provides one button protection and convenience even when you are miles from home.

The device is activated with just one push of the single oversized red “call” button on the front. Within seconds, a live “personal assistant & emergency dispatcher” answers the call 24 hours a day. The personal assistant can immediately dispatch local police, fire, paramedics or roadside assistance and much more.

The cell phone is “GPS–enabled” allowing the assistance center professionals to perform a “locate” in the event emergency assistance is dispatched to help the caller, if the caller is lost or in need of directions. When a clear view of the sky is available, the built-in GPS locator is accurate to within 30 feet.

“If you need help and call “911” from your regular cell phone, the 911 operator does not know who you are, where you are or have access to any information about you. Additionally, 911 service is reserved for true emergencies only.” said Thomas C. Franks, President of Clayton Communications, Inc., “The SafeGuardian Personal Assistant who answers your call addresses you by name, has all your important information that you have provided at their fingertips (names, phone numbers, medical information, etc) and are waiting to provide whatever assistance you may need.”

Designed for much more than just emergencies, the SafeGuardian One Button Medical Alarm Cell Phone also provides a wide variety of safety and convenience features. Callers can request to be connected to anyone worldwide, store important information (names, telephone numbers, medical information, etc) for quick contact, receive turn-by-turn driving directions and even request location and directions to any local business or facility including hospitals, doctors, dentists, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc.

The device is small (5” x 2” x 1”), lightweight (6 ounces), and uses commonly available lithium batteries (no charging required) that can last for months. It retails for $199 and the monthly service plan is just $34.95. The company offers free activation and free emergency calls. Non-emergency and optional concierge calls are $1.25/minute.

“Independent, active seniors also are finding the phone is a great companion when they are alone. They like the ease of use and the feeling of safety and security they feel knowing they can get assistance anytime and anywhere with the push of one button” continues Mr. Franks, “It truly makes a great gift for any aging parent who would never buy or use a regular cell phone.”


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