New FDA and USDA approved compound for Salmonella reduction in poultry processing

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Solution BioSciences, Inc., has announced a new antimicrobial system, called Bromitize, to reduce salmonella and other carcass bacteria during poultry processing.

The antimicrobial activity is based on a patented bromine chemical technology. This effective, safe-to-use product disinfects and reduces bacteria in poultry pre-chill and post-chill processing steps. The application system is compatible with existing equipment and readily integrates into commercial processing lines.

Besides being safe and easy to use, the Bromitize technology allows for more flexible plant use without the environmental air and waste water issues encountered with the currently available products. It is fully guaranteed to perform as described. The product can also be used for COP (continuous online processing)/OLR (online reprocessing), used in the IOBW (inside outside bird washers), or anywhere else on the processing lines and in the chill tank. In addition the company recently received approval for the re-use of the water from the COP/OLR cabinets thereby reducing water usage during processing.

Bromitize, replacing other chemical disinfectants in the COP and chill tank, eliminates the need for chlorine in the chill tank. Plant studies of the Bromitize system confirm significant lower bacteria count, with no effect on the carcass or browning, no odor and no effect on pH. Some of the currently used products leave chlorine and phosphate residue in the treatment water, creating safety and waste water issues.

The system is in use by some of the world's leading poultry producers. SBS reviews the customer facilities, plans the ideal locations for the Bromitize system and can install the system over a weekend with little or no interruption to production. Company personnel work closely with plant management, HACCP coordinator and with the on-site USDA staff.

According to Dr. James L McNaugton, Chief Scientific Officer, the Bromitize system provides a program that can be used in many locations in the plant. It provides effective bacteria reduction, is safe, has no effect on the environment, and is easy to use and fits all sizes of plants. Dr. McNaughton said Bromitize can be used over a wide range of water pH and can be the single source carcass disinfectant eliminating the needs for multiple chemicals in a processing plant.

The SBS system requires little space and is 1/3 less corrosive on plant equipment. It is user friendly, safe and easy to handle by plant personnel.

Solution BioSciences, Inc


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