Somatic Systems accelerates efforts on projects to provide pain care services to the US Military

Somatic Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMAS) stated that they have accelerated their efforts on their projects to provide pain care services to the US Military and establish Military health insurance coverage for Somatic Systems' powerful Clinical Somatics pain treatment method.

Somatic Systems is pursing a number of goals with the US Military to implement large-scale treatment of the 70 million soldiers, veterans, and dependents in the military health care system using its advanced Clinical Somatics pain care and injury treatment methods. This includes providing retail therapeutic self-help products and in-patient services at Veterans and military hospitals, as well as achieving coverage by military health insurance. Additionally, the company is currently planning a rollout of clinical treatment centers adjacent to military bases and other locations across the US to provide sufficient services to personnel.

Somatic Systems has re-engaged with Leading Points Corporation to assist in reaching key milestones in their efforts. These include rollout planning and market analysis for retail product distribution, as well as placement of the company's product on the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Source List, the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEX COM) Source List, the Coast Guard Exchange System (CGES) Source List, the Marine Corps Exchange System (MCX) Source List. Leading points will also provide liaison, distribution, sales, and coordination services for these retail efforts.

In the area of clinical treatment services and clinics, Leading Points will facilitate the company's provision of services to members of the armed forces and their families by members of the military health care system, across all branches of the United States Armed Forces (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard). Leading points will also act as liaison between military organizations and the Company to facilitate all matters of marketing and advertising of services. As an organization composed of veterans and advised by generals and other active officers, Leading Points facilitates access to key decision makers of the US Military health care system to include active military hospital commanders, Pain management specialist, Veterans administration personnel and manager and policy makers of Insurance providers. Leading points will also assist with additional presence, education, and marketing in military communities and events, as well as work with military related charity programs.

To these ends, Leading Points has and will continue to introduce the Somatic Systems to a multitude of Military media outlets to promote and enhance the sales of company's products. Leading Points will also assist with military appreciation programs, to offer discounts and other savings to our nations active soldiers and veterans and their families.

The company's efforts were slowed due to economic and market factors, temporarily preventing Leading Points participation in the project. The company has secured the necessary financial position and is again ready to reach its military goals.

The Military Chronic Pain Crisis

In October, Somatic Systems announced it was working to provide its proprietary Clinical Somatics pain-care services for US military hospitals and the Veterans Administration. In addition to seeking in-house arrangements at bases and facilities, the company is preparing to rollout multiple clinics at military base locations throughout the US, to provide easy access to Clinical Somatics services at a time when the US military is strongly seeking satisfactory pain treatment solutions such as Clinical Somatics -- and following a wave of legislation including the Military Pain Care Act of 2008, which requires the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Health and Human Services and the Surgeon General of the United States to implement and maintain a pain care initiative in all military health care facilities and for all active and retired military personnel, dependents, and survivors.

Nearly 26 million living Americans have served in the military, and pain is the most common symptom and cause of disability amongst veterans, with more than 40% of returning service members reporting musculoskeletal pain-related problems and symptoms. Additionally, long-term sufferers as well as family members and other dependents of all ages also face pain and other musculoskeletal problems; and this population totals over 70 million people, served by the Veterans Administration. In the face of this, military officials, medical authorities, and government officials have reported frustration that the military does not yet have a satisfactory pain care program in place.

SOURCE: Somatic Systems, Inc.


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