New energy efficient cooling systems from Custom Mechanical Systems

Custom Mechanical Systems (CMS), a leading provider of custom cooling/HVAC solutions for mission-critical facilities, including data centers, laboratories, cleanrooms and hospitals, today announces the new CMS InRack and CRAC Cooling Systems for data centers looking to achieve upwards of 40% energy savings. Unlike mass-produced antiquated fan-based cooling products, the CMS cooling systems are customized for each data center project and include the most technologically advanced fan design on the market today.

A 3D model that shows how Brocade's 100,000 square foot data center is using the CMS InRack system is available inside Booth #109 at AFCOM's Data Center World, 2009, the industry's premier networking and educational conference, located at the Orlando World Marriott Convention Center in Orlando, FL, October 4-7, 2009. CMS will also be showcasing two examples of its InRack cooling system at the show.

"As computer rooms have evolved into data centers and densities have increased, traditional data center cooling systems built using fan technology that is several generations old are no longer an option -- they consume extraordinary levels of unnecessary energy," said Dan Hyman, Principal, Custom Mechanical Systems. "Our custom InRack cooling systems like the one deployed at Brocade, takes cooling of data centers to a whole new level using state-of-the-art fan technology that achieves 40% energy savings when compared to traditional suppliers."

The CMS InRack Cooling Systems offer the most efficient fan systems available on the market today, utilizing Airfoil Blade wheels to improve aerodynamics and lower energy usage. The system also uses Premium Efficiency Electrically Commutated Motors (ECM), which allow small motors to operate at efficiencies that were previously only available in large industrial motors. ECM also allows fans to operate at variable speeds, which saves even more energy at less-than peak load conditions. The components are selected specifically for each data center project in lieu of mass-produced competitive solutions which optimizes performance of the design criteria of each facility. In addition, CMS products and all components of the system are made in the USA by union labor. This insures top quality construction as well as giving CMS the ability to tailor production capacity to specific data center customer needs.

Other benefits of the CMS cooling systems include shorter lead times that won't balloon out because of production limitations or component availability. Custom-made products include only the features required for a given facility. This keeps costs down by removing the gold plating and feature/benefit overload common in the cooling industry and it prevents data centers from getting locked into to proprietary control networks.

What customers say

Brocade, an industry leader in data center networking solutions and services

"The innovative InRack cooling system from CMS was designed for us with several key elements in mind: energy efficiency, built-in redundancy, and an open platform which allows us to integrate any control system a facility is using," said Victor Garcia, Product Manager at Brocade. "CMS has provided us with a state-of-the-art cooling solution that is both energy efficient, highly scalable and future-proof."

Critchfield Mechanical, a leading mechanical contractor

"We chose the CMS InRack units because they used substantially less energy and cost less than any other solution on the market -- we only get the cooling features our data center actually needs," said Jen Pomi at Critchfield Mechanical. "CMS also understands the construction process and challenges that we face on the job site. They don't 'ship and forget.' They are involved from start to finish and it's been refreshing to work so closely with them."

Devcon Construction, project management and construction

"We worked closely with our client and mechanical design engineers to select a supplier of over 300 in-row cooling units on a recent data center project, and CMS was by far the most cost efficient and energy efficient," said Mike Niblett, Senior Project Manager. "CMS's prototyping program and response to customer feedback has allowed us to demonstrate a working model incorporating customer requested features prior to the actual production run."

Availability and pricing

The CMS InRack and CRAC Cooling systems are available immediately and pricing depends on the custom needs of each data center. Pricing will be equal to or lower than traditional suppliers because CMS's custom philosophy: the customer only pays for the features they will actually use.


Custom Mechanical Systems


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