Cook Medical launches FluoroSet for accurate fluoroscopic evaluation results

Approximately one million women in the United States are rendered infertile by disease in the fallopian tubes, the most common being tubal occlusion or blockage. This condition is commonly diagnosed using a complicated, invasive fluoroscopic evaluation, consisting of real-time, action images of the fallopian tubes to identify possible occlusions. In an effort to simplify this procedure and ease patient discomfort, Cook Medical today announced the availability of the FluoroSet, a comprehensive, three-product radiographic tubal assessment set designed to deliver fast, easy, accurate fluoroscopic evaluation results.

The FluoroSet combines all the devices needed to introduce contrast media for fluoroscopic evaluation of both the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, providing an optimal solution for the tubal occlusion diagnosis. The full set of advanced medical equipment provides a simplified, fast diagnostic option. The specific devices included in each kit are:

  • Intrauterine Access Balloon Catheter – The balloon catheter is used for injection of contrast medium into the uterus and fallopian tube(s) for hysterosalpingography. The catheter’s unique design allows for easy cervical passage and the soft silicone balloon occludes the internal cervical OS. The catheter lumen allows for the introduction of catheters or other instruments up to 6.0 French in diameter into the uterine cavity, and the sidearm adapter on the Check-Flo Performer® valve facilitates introduction of contrast medium and eliminates fluid reflux.
  • Selective Salpingography Catheter with Beacon Tip® – The catheter is used for injection of contrast medium into the fallopian tube(s) for selective salpingography and evaluation of tubal patency. Unique Torcon® catheter material provides greater control of catheter manipulation and the Beacon Tip enables the device to be easily identified under fluoroscopy.
  • Roadrunner® PC Wire Guide with Slip-Coat Hydrophilic Coating – The PC Roadrunner wire guide is an initial access wire guide used in cases demanding enhanced control and high radiopacity. The guide’s Nitinol core construction provides rigidity and one-to-one torque control. Additionally, the device has Slip-Coat, a micro-thin layer of hydrophilic polymer that, that when activated, attracts and holds water and other liquids to the wire guide, creating a low-friction surface. The guide also boasts an Olcott Torque Device to assist with wire guide manipulations.

“Tubal occlusion, or blockage, can have a severe impact on a woman’s ability to conceive and it’s extremely important that it is diagnosed quickly and accurately,” said Christina Anné, Vice President of Cook Medical’s Women’s Health strategic business unit. “With the FluoroSet, we are providing physicians with the tools they need to simplify the diagnostic process.”


Cook Medical


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