Raycop's anti-bacterial vacuum cleaning system with UVC technology kills the H1N1 virus

Raycop, the first handheld anti-bacterial vacuum cleaning system and part of the Earlex® brands, offers a proven way to fight the H1N1 virus in the home with its UVC technology. The vac's effects against the virus have been independently tested by a leading international laboratory in August.

The data confirms that two seconds of exposure of the Influenza A virus H1N1 to Raycop's UVC technology effectively kills more than 99.9% of the virus. Further, the U.S. Center for Disease Control has indicated that studies show that this new influenza virus can survive on environmental surfaces such as sheets and pillows and can infect a person from two and eight hours after being deposited on the surface. Raycop can be used to help clean these surfaces as often as needed.

This means the easy-to-use handheld system can combat the virus in a family's home by cleaning household fabric surfaces including mattresses, crib pads, bedding, pillows, sofas, chairs, futons and curtains. Families can add this latest technology as a way to help reduce the risk of H1N1 in the home.

"During this time when H1N1 is sweeping the country alongside of the seasonal flu, it is critical to offer a sure defense against its spread and Raycop achieves this with our leading technology," said Ian Mullaney, CEO of Earlex Inc.

Raycop was designed to provide a unique attack to eliminate bacteria such as E. Coli and Staphylococci and reduce the allergens that aggravate or lead to symptoms of asthma, other allergies and ectopic dermatitis. Now, the system goes even further as a quick cleaning method to eliminate the H1N1 virus.

A regular quick vacuum of pillows, sheets, mattresses and fabrics will ensure you have a bacteria free surface on which to sleep and rest.

With the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria and also help eliminate millions of dust mites that live within an average U.S. household's bed, Raycop allows the user to clean away things that are unseen, but harmful.

"This revolutionary product ensures a much cleaner, bacteria-free area for surfaces that families use every day, especially beds which is the one area we spend the greatest part of our lives and probably clean the least," said Mullaney. "Raycop brings a new level of clean to the home that will positively impact the health of the family and eliminate things that constantly contribute to repetitive illnesses, allergies, asthma and other serious problems."

Raycop's unique process provides the most complete handheld anti-bacterial cleaning system available for allergy and asthma sufferers. Raycop is the first product of its kind to receive the globally recognized British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.




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