Discounted STD testing for seniors and students, the recognized leader in confidential STD testing services, has announced that they will now be offering a discounted rate for STD testing for seniors and students.

Since its inception, has tested over 100,000 individuals for STD infections. Their highly refined process has most results coming back to you in as little as the following day. Upon calling their toll free number, 1-800-610-0277, you are immediately directed to a live counselor for a short risk assessment. The call is less than 5 minutes normally and afterwards you can go immediately to a local laboratory for testing.

When asked about why they were the testing facility of choice, one of the welcoming staff responded, "We test at Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. The beautiful thing about that is when our clients go in for STD testing; no one at that facility knows what you are testing for. That eliminates the fear that people have of being spotted walking into a strictly STD testing clinic. Also, a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about their sex life with their family practitioner; we have our own doctors to prescribe these tests, which can't be obtained without a doctor's order. These tests are also state of the art, not swabs and what not, that can be less accurate."

"The majority of our clients choose to test for all major STD Infections; this eliminates the chance of any of these diseases going unnoticed," Benjamin Bequette, Co-Founder of The Quality of Life Group, has said. "A lot of these Infections can be asymptomatic, meaning there are no signs that you are infected. It is best to catch and treat these diseases in a timely manner in order to maintain your health," he also added.

"With seniors remaining active sexually longer and rising education costs to students, we felt it necessary to offer any available discount we could to these demographics," Clay Melvin, Director of Operations, said.


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