Immediate access to life-saving first aid medical database is on a big mission -- to give every person on earth immediate access to first aid for emergencies with the use of technology. As the Internet is quickly becoming more accessible to people with a computer or web-capable mobile device, GotoAID is bringing a life-saving first aid medical database to the masses.

Administering proper first aid can prevent infections, reduce pain and suffering, and even save a life. Having first aid information in the house or car is great, but do you know how to use it when the time comes? That's where GotoAID comes in -- to deliver the information through its in-depth web site and a revolutionary new web-based and mobile application. GotoAID incorporates simple step-by-step instructions with the latest in innovative visual 3D graphics and audible functioning.

"With earthquakes and other natural disasters occurring more frequently, educating people in first aid has never been more important. Our goal is to be everywhere you want to be so that the next time a medical emergency arises for you, your child, or even a beloved cat or dog, you will have the first aid you need at your fingertips," said Keval Mehta, founder of GotoAID.

The information on GotoAID ranges from treating a bee sting to delivering a baby. Even dog and cat owners can now diagnose their pets' conditions, take immediate action, and locate the nearest veterinary specialist in just a few clicks of the mouse. GotoAID lists hundreds of medical emergency situations for humans and animals, including illustrated recommendations on how to handle them. From everyday problems such as treating paw cuts to providing CPR, GotoAID is the only database that offers such comprehensive and in-depth first aid information for people, dogs, and cats.

Recently, GotoAID has made available the important first aid information you need in a downloadable application for the iPhone. The iPhone app contains the full GotoAID database in the palm of your hand. This is crucial when no data signal is present, such as during earthquakes or hurricanes where communication lines are often damaged for days or weeks. The full content with nearly 3,000 illustrations is locally stored on the iPhone for offline access during life-threatening emergencies.

In addition to the first aid content, the iPhone app provides a secure place to store medical profiles for a user and their family members - even the furry ones. The medical profiles include name, age, vaccinations, medications, doctor/emergency contact info, and more. The GotoAID app is a vital aspect of an emergency preparedness kit in today's digital world.

Matt Browning, a user of the app, said while hiking on a trail with his beloved golden retriever Max, he noticed that Max's paw was bleeding after it was cut open by a broken beer bottle on the trail. He immediately pulled out his iPhone and used GotoAID to stop the bleeding and then used the GPS Locate Help function in the app to find the nearest emergency veterinarian. Mr. Browning felt that "without GotoAID, Max could have died. But thanks to the first aid I was able to administer, and then finding the closest vet, Max is going to be just fine!"

Currently, GotoAID is accessible online and via the iPhone GotoAID application. It is also rapidly expanding to other popular mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry and GPS navigation systems.



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