Myriad Genetics OnDose collection kit eliminates need for frozen sample handling

Myriad Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq:MYGN) today announced a significant improvement in the sample collection kit for OnDoseTM, its 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) dose optimization product. Patient sample handling can now be conducted at room temperature, eliminating the need for frozen sample handling. Myriad said that it believes the simplified process should increase physician acceptance and utilization of OnDose.

The new OnDose sample handling protocol employs a chemical stabilizer that is injected into the blood collection test tube immediately following the patients' blood draw. The stabilizer effectively inhibits any enzyme degradation of 5-FU in the patient's blood sample. Previously this was accomplished by chilling the blood, freezing the plasma sample overnight, and shipping the frozen sample on ice in special insulated containers. The chemical stabilizer allows physicians to handle, prepare and ship the patient's sample all at room temperature, eliminating the need to employ these extra measures for maintaining very cold temperatures during sample preparation and shipping.  In market research surveys conducted following the launch of OnDose, physician practices greatly preferred this simplified sample process over the current frozen sample approach.

"This is an important step forward in greater utilization of OnDose," said Mark C. Capone, President of Myriad Genetic Laboratories. "More rapid adoption as a result of this exciting new technology, which permits easier and quicker patient sampling, is very significant for colon cancer patients who frequently receive sub optimal 5-FU therapy and would benefit greatly from OnDose testing."

SOURCE Myriad Genetics, Inc.


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