AB SCIEX and ETH partner to accelerate analysis and improve results for metabolomics

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AB SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today announced that it is working with scientists at the ETH Zurich Institute of Molecular Systems Biology as part of the Swiss Systems Biology Program (SystemsX.ch) to accelerate analysis and improve results for metabolomics, which is the scientific study of chemical processes involving metabolites. This joint work is focused on developing quantitative, broad-coverage, high-throughput metabolomics for systems biology based on AB SCIEX mass spectrometry technology to help provide a better view into living organisms.

Led by Dr. Nicola Zamboni and Dr. Uwe Sauer, the team of scientists at ETH is currently using the AB SCIEX QTRAP® 5500 System to develop a new method that will reduce the time to conduct quantitative analysis of metabolites from approximately one hour to under three minutes, while delivering comprehensive results. This advancement will speed up the availability of critical information relevant for analyzing biological systems. Scientists will be able to use this method to better analyze how metabolite levels are related to metabolic fluxes and protein levels within complex networks. This method will be made available for use by scientists around the world for their own analysis in metabolomics studies.

The QTRAP 5500 System is a mass spectrometry system that integrates triple quadrupole and linear accelerator trap technologies onto a single platform for faster and more accurate analysis of complex samples, making this system ideal for metabolomics, in addition to other areas of systems biology including proteomics and lipidomics. The QTRAP 5500 System is a robust platform on which to develop new methods for quantifying metabolites that could then be transferred into standard procedures in research laboratories around the world.

Uwe Sauer, Ph.D., Professor of Systems Biology, ETH Zurich Institute of Molecular Systems Biology

"Our partnering with AB SCIEX on new method development for metabolomics will drive the field of systems biology forward by addressing the need for more quantitative, comprehensive data that can be quickly obtained. The new method we are currently developing could be used for any analysis of any biological system. The AB SCIEX technology gives us unique capabilities to get the best possible data in the shortest period of time that we can apply to make a major difference in systems biology and biomedical research."

Dave Hicks, Vice President and General Manager of the Pharmaceutical and Omics Business, AB SCIEX

"Our project with ETH will help researchers make significant progress in metabolomics research more rapidly than was previously possible. This demonstrates how AB SCIEX mass spectrometry technology continues to advance life science by enabling new workflows that combine targeted and non-targeted analysis of the metabolome for a new approach to understand the role and impact of metabolites in biology."




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