AlexTriVantage pigment-specific lasers for multi-colored tattoo removal

While Angelina Jolie may boast yet another tattoo, a new survey shows 47 percent of men find tattoos on women to be a turn off.  The same Ask Jeeves survey also reveals as many as 38 percent of women feel the same way about men with tattoos.  The FDA estimates that 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo and an estimated 50 percent of individuals with tattoos, eventually grow dissatisfied and want them removed.  

In the past, the only options for removing tattoos were dermabrasion and excision – neither was entirely effective and both were painful.  But thanks to the latest advancements in science and technology, there are now pigment-specific lasers that can target more colors than ever before.  "I'm seeing more and more people of all ages with tattoo regret – often right after they get their new ink," said Dr. Eric Bernstein, board certified dermatologist at the Centers For Cosmetic Laser Surgery in Ardmore Philadelphia. "The AlexTriVantage® laser enables me to address multi-colored tattoos – which seem to be more and more popular today.  It's really gratifying to be able to reverse a bad decision for people who thought their choice of art was permanent."

The AlexTriVantage laser with Candela's proprietary "Laser Pumped Laser" technology raises the bar for tattoo-removal lasers to new heights with its versatility and advanced delivery system.  Previously, removing multi-colored tattoos meant using multiple lasers.  The AlexTriVantage extends the capabilities of traditional Q-switched Alexandrite lasers by offering practitioners the freedom to treat all colors using three unique wavelengths, 755 nm, 1064 nm and 532 nm, all in one system.  In addition, the AlexTriVantage state-of-the-art energy delivery emits a precise, and uniform beam resulting in minimal bleeding, tissue splatter or scarring.


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  1. Jennifer Tran Jennifer Tran United States says:

    Laser is slower, treats a smaller spot size then a Revlite laser and not as effective. Works pretty good on greens/blue inks. Lots of repair issues and poor service from Candela/Syneron.

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